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I need to loose 2 stone by April 2011... I can do it right?

I agree, forget the tablets they dont work. Count calories and exercise. 2 stone is easily achievable by the summer. To get to my wedding goal I need to loose 4.5lbs - but in reality when I get there I might aim for a whole stone more!


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ditch the pills :D eat less and move more and you will have 2 stone off well before next year the hard part is maintaining the weight loss and keeping it off. pills are a quick fix imo and once its off you stop taking them but keep eating the same so it goes back on, if you change your eating habits it'll stay off.

best of luck
I can also recommend SW - I'm 4lb off 2 stone in 7 weeks and I think it's slowed down this week because I've not eaten ENOUGH!

Have a look around the forum and see if there is a "diet" that suits you because you have LOADS of time yet!
I agree- you have loads of time. I have lost 6 stone in 8 months and so you can def lose 2 by april. Just find a plan which works for you and get active. You will feel great for doing it xx
Took you girls advice!!

Ok I read what you said and binned the tablets ha ha they were rubbish! Guess I was looking for a miracle or an easy way out, which there isn't one!!

I joined weight watchers at the beginning of April. Took me nearly 3 months to loose 10 pounds. I find it very restrictive, every time I lost weight they reduced my points!! 17 last time I went.

After getting really fed up with losing half a pound a week. I joined Slimming World. WOW what a diet. Its fantastic!! I'm loving the food!!

How many Syns should I have? Should I have the same amount everyday?? Confused.com!!


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Yes or you can use them weekly. The usual amount is either 10-15 per day or 70-105 per week. The idea is to fit the plan around your lifestyle. The only thing I would recommend is if you are going to use them weekly have most in the first part of the week and less in the days before WI. Good luck with SW, it is a fantastic plan x