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I need to write my diary


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About me, briefly I started early menopause at 39, before this my weight fluctuated between 8 1/2 to 9 stone even after I had my 4 daughters.

From 39 the weight was creeping up and my body shape was beginning to change.

Now 8 years later and 3 stone heavier, I am also Insulin Resistant and carry 3/4 of my bulk weight around my middle. So after a friend of mine who did LL, I decided to find the money and bite the bullet.

So my first official weigh in was 6 August.

day 1 2 3 4 were great, I wasnt hungry, drank 4 litres of water as a minimum, I didnt do a pop in as spoke to my counsellor and as I was happy with the foodpacks and was feeling great, she said If I was happy then leave it to the Monday nights WI, but if I need her just to ring.

Day 5!, awful, just awful, to cap it all I've got toothace which is dragging me down, its not unbearable, only feels worse drinking either hot/cold. I'm in the middle of treatment at the moment having a crown replaced, this different tooth shouldnt be painful as have just had them all checked! :cry:
The day got worse, for the first time I was hungry all day, despite drinking copious amounts of water, I was moody, snappy and took myself off to bed at 8pm!

So its DAY 6, tooth bearable, I've had a bar for brekkie, Its Sunday and am cooking lunch for family, and my stomach is gurgling for England!, I'm not hungry as such, I'm getting fed up with black coffee, I dont like teas of any kind, I would love a hot bovril, or some miso soup:eek:.

Tomorrow is WI night, I'm nervous and excited at the same time.
I will update then.
Cheerio for now
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good luck

good luck wih the W I. It is hard when u start but keep it up.:D Just noticed you had a bar but you should not really have them for the first 2 weeks. :eek: look forward to see how you get on, catch ya later,

Good luck on your weight loss journey. I'm also insulin resistant and carry a huge proportion of my weight around the middle - it's really frustrating as clothes don't fit right and I look terrible in everything!

Looking forward to reading more about your progress - wishing you all the best.


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awww, thankyou all so much, am a bit worried about the bars though!, my counsellor said that we can have them after day 4!, so promptly put 4 in my 1st food bag!.

I'll go and ask on the main forum



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panic over, apparently you can have 1 bar after 4 days,
until tomorrow
I know people who have had bars from the start and lost weight just the same as those who didnt so dont worry too much, go with what your counsellor says and you wont go far wrong.

Well done at sticking to it even tough it's been tough - i'm sure you'll reap the rewards at weigh in tomorrow!!!


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thanks Helen, I am all excited and nervous at the same time, cant wait for 7.30 tonight.

Today has been good, not feeling hungry, and I've put temporary filling in until my appt next week.

Until later then



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I lost 10lbs, oohhh yeah baby!!!!!

Will sort ticker out tomorrow and write more for my diary, am tired now



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2nd weigh in, I've lost another 4.4lbs so thats 1 stone and half ounce (important) in 2 weeks.


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aww thanks hun, same goes for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Hi Sun,

I have just seen that you have lost 14lbs. and 1/2oz. in two weeks!!!

Once again very well done!

I am sure you must be thrilled with yourself.

Love Mini xxx


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good morning!

Things have been going very well!, I dont feel hungry and have been drinking the quota of water.
that is until yesterday!, for some reason I struggled and only managed 2 litres, I just wasnt enjoying it and it was a real effort.

I've started well this morning, its 8.30am and Ive drank a litre all ready and its seems to be going down well.

I can only put it down to 'gremlins' in my bod yesterday.

Toodle pip for now

Morning Sun,

Congratulations on your weight loss so far.....thats's fantastic! You will find that you will get used to drinking the large amount of water. I used to be really thirsty the minute I woke up. I used to drink a pint of water instead of breakfast and I found that helped me.

Good luck!


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aww congratulations as well mrs v, we can all do this, keep up the good work.



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well week 3 weigh in! another 5.5lbs gone gone gone!!
Start Weight: 11st 10lbs
Goal Weight: 8st 10lbs
Week 1 : Lost 10lbs
Week 2 : Lost 4.4lbs
Week 3 : Lost 5.5lbs
Start Date: 6th August
Weight Now: 10st 4lbs!!!!!!!

Total 19lbs gone gone gone


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thanks hun, I find it so much easier with people like you, everybody gives each other encouragement, three cheers for MInimims and its friendly posters xxx

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