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I never before realised .......

How much the totm affected my mood.
I don't know if it has been exagerated by all the changes that are happneing to my body, but yesterday i was in tears all day, all my emotional baggage reared it's ugly head.. and it really was soo hard to stay 100%.

I think it was only my pigheaded stubborn streak that got me through yesterday... today I am fine... but I know now it was definitely that irrational hormonal thing going on yesterday..

has anyone else noticed they are more emotional at totm whislt on CD?

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I'm hoping I won't find out! I take Cerazette to stop me getting my TOTM as it was unbearable...but I've been warned I may have some breakthrough bleeding. Funnily enough... yesterday I came to the end of one pack of pills and so started another. So, even though I'm not getting my TOTM, it would have been my time for it. Hmmm... that may explain some stuff...

Well done honey on getting through yesterday. Big hugs xxxx
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Completely agree! I also find that even with normal pill - microgynon 30, that when i double pack i still get the pains and am short tempered and crying all over the place! It's so bad that my OH says he can tell just by the way I answer him in the morning if he asks if i want a cuppa tea!

He has an extremely poor memory so I know it's not him counting weeks till I'm next due lol! :p xxx
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Im absolutely terrible when Im ss ing. I dont suffer too badly when im eating but I turn into a screaming banshee with no tolerance of anything and then feel like bursting into tears at any moment - then I came on this morning and I felt a sense of calm!
Luckily Ive started the pill today so hopefully will control it a bit as I was a week adn a half late this time which i think contributed greatly to it.

Well done for staying strong despite feeling so bad yesterday


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I think my moods have been slightly better rather than worse-but it's hard to tell because my TOTM has been so messed up since I started. I actually don't think my moods have caught up yet! For example-last week, on the day I should have come on I felt really moody and miserable-yet it had happened a week earlier! T'was a lot more painful though.


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i thoght i was the only one feeling like this, i've just had my first totm since being on ss and although my mood swings have been better i can't stop crying and i don't know why, i was alot heavier than normal aswell! anybody else had that experience?


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Mine was definitely heavier this time. Mind you the first one was very light-only lasted a couple of days, then the 2nd came a week early (like the first one) and only lasted a couple of days-then came back a day later much heavier. I also had a very bad stomach ache for 4 days.

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