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I no longer have 4!


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boobs that is :eek:

I'm wearing one of my fave bra's that previously cut my boobs in half and made it look like I had 4, none of the sexy overspill you see in magazines at film premiers either, just too tight as I was too big.

so I'm very pleased :D CD rocks!
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I`m going to have to buy some new bras as mine are getting too big :eek: llol x


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
it really depresses me that my boobs are going :( I think it's because when i was bigger i was always the one with the boobs and now i'm not :( do not like. i miss them. sob. seems unfair since my thighs that i'm not so keen on are adamant to stick around for as long as possible!


please try again
i get my bra's from asda as ive gone down a fair few back sizes, currently wearing a 36 g from asda and it only cost £6


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
oh and as a heads up to all - the ann summers sale goes live in a couple of weeks and they are clearing out alot of stock due to big changes in ranges in the catalogue and store.
Ooh thanks about Asda, I didn`t realise they did up to G.

I`m a 42G the mo, Well was! It`s getting "baggy" now so I`m guessing I need to go down a cup size? I have no idea with bras lmao I usually just try and if it fits buy it! But this last time I got measured as I`d lost the 4stone. I don`t want to spend a lot as I`ve still got 1.5-2 stone to lose.

I also have the thigh problem :rolleyes: bloody things haven`t changed!! lol


please try again
lol erm that bra caculator doesnt seem all that accurate to me

its telling me i should be wearing a 42E thats the bras i started off in, i can spin that round and round me no problem. will stick to the 38g i was measured at in a shop recently since that size is fitting me very well
That link says I`m a 42DD which is prob why my 42G is getting baggy :8855:

I HATE being measured so it saves me having to go get it done.

Thanks H hun x

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