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I passed my driving test !! ?Insurance question


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hya all,

I passed my test on the second go :D, and I did really well, I only got 4 minors, I am so proud of myself,

anyway I phoned my insurance to tell them ( I already had provisional insurance as I have a car already) and its gone up by £130, every body I have asked about this says its supposed to go down when you pass and they think I have been done? Im not sure does any body know or have any advice


Julia x x x x
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Congratulations :)

Am not sure if that's right or wrong, but what I would do is shop around anyway. Go onto one of those price comparison sites and see what it throws up. Then you'll know if you're being offered a fair deal or not (just a thought)
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Not sure about the insurance but wanted to congratluate you!! Im learning to drive and am hoping to put in for my test soon! xx :character00182:
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I think I know the answer. My son was on my insurance as a provisional learner when he passed his insurance shot up. The reason is he is now able to drive 'unsupervised' yet still a new driver.

BTW we were with LV which offered the most competitive quote for a lad his age.

Definately worth shopping around.


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Congratulations on passing your test hun!! And 4 minors is fabulous! :D

I usually try gocompare.com (despite the really annoying adverts :giggle:) to get the cheapest deal. It's definitely worth shopping around :) xx


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Definitely shop around. Car insurance is mega expensive these days. Some insurers do offer cashback through sites like quidco so check them out before you buy. I got an extra £65 off by doing that.

Also some advice if you are looking for insurance for a bloke.

My boyfriend was being quoted £800 plus for his insurance despite having 7 yrs no claims. However he then put me as an additional driver, also with no claims but 2 speeding convictions (yea i know!) and it came down to £600ish.

The theory is that by putting a partner on - there is more likelihood that there will be kids in the car therefore the driver will drive slower and safer!!

Bonkers i tell thee!



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i have mine with Direct Line - not on the compare websites!!! they do great intro deals, and i had someone smash into the side of my car (dozy cow) and the claims process was sorted in a swift manner......phew!!!



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Congratulations on passing!!
(I myself am yet to pass after 5 attempts at the age of 17 and lack of money theresince!!)

I work for an insurance company and actually the process which goes into rating each and every policy is very complex.

As already said, all prices are worked out on risks. These risks are taken from real statistics and data taken from claims history across all companies.
So not only are you classed as a 'higher risk' as now allowed to drive unsupervised, it may be the case that newly qualified drivers your age/in your area/in your car etc have historically made more claims, therefore you are statistically more likely to claim also.

Unfortunately it's one of those things that not many people agree with but it's the way they work... hope that helps to explain a little :)
Definately shop around though - it's the best way to find the best price and congratulations again!!


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massive congratulations on passing!!! xxx


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Congratulations:) An increase of £130 is actually very good. One of DD's friends insurance costs TRIPLED but then he is male. Oddly enough and DD doesn't know anyone else that it has happened to but hers did drop when she passed.

DD is with Churchill and they've been the cheapest since she first had insurance as a learner at 17 - 2 1/2 years ago.


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Congrats :D

Its so liberating being able to jump in the car and go anywhere you like :D


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Thanks to everyone for replying, I thought it was ok for the insurance to go up, it was the blokes at work that think they know better but they dont, I love being able to just jump in car and go where ever we like and not have to wait for busses, and my boys love it too x x

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