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i read on here someone predicted weekly weighloss!!


i read some where on here that someone was predicting weekly weight loss.
i can find the thread now!!

can anyone help??

its was something like we use a average of 2200 a day depending on height and weight. so 2200x7= 15,400 on CD you only have 433 a a day so etc etc

i hope someone understands what i am saying lol xx
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its ok i found it x


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LOL - that sounds suspiciously like one of my ramblings... :D

For you (aged 32 if my maths is right...:)) - yes, around 2,300 to 2400 calories per day to maintain current weight (just edited this bit cos my maths was suspect:)). So SS will allow you to lose around 4 pounds of fat, plus 7 to 8 pounds worth of glycogen and water weight...

Predicted first week loss if you manage to do SS 100 % around 11 to 12 pounds. But don't hold me to it!
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yep it was! lol

i love it, works out that i could lose 4.5 pounds a week. im hoping for 5lb a week but i'll settle for 4.5. i just wanted it for guide really.

thanks lily x


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Remember that the weekly losses will come down as you lose weight - because you'll be smaller and you won't need as many calories to sustain your new weight.

So yes, you'll probably get 4-5 pound a week losses for the first couple of weeks (after the much bigger first week's loss), but then it'll be more like 3-4 pounds a week. And those are average weight losses - so there could well be some weeks where you lose 2 pounds, followed by weeks where you lose 6 pounds...
oooo i love your maths!! lol and i love your first week predictions!!! haha

I know some weeks will be less :-( but they all add up. i cant wait to start.

i'll let you know if your right, we will have to start calling you Carol Vorderman
if your maths are right, or mystic meg :-D

thanks again Lily x
lets hope mystic lilly gets it right emma lol good luck with your journey hun
Thank you Sasha, i hope Lily's right too would be fantastic. You have had great loses too. Keep up the great work x

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