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I really DO mean it this time!


Is determined and focused
And do you know what, I think it's the first time in all my (many) attempts to lose weight that I really do

This has been quite a revalation to me as I always thought that I did mean it, but now I think I was just always looking for an excuse to fall off the wagon:eek:

I think minimins has helped more than anything, there have been several posts that have caused me to have a 'lightbulb moment' and I really know now the battle really is won or lost inside your mind

Also this time it is all about my health, looking better (if I do will just be an added bonus)

I really hope this feeling continues and I don't end up eating my words (or anything else)

So what makes you mean it this time?
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Is determined and focused
Thanks Sarah

and:wow:well done on your weight loss so far:happy096: It is so inspiring to see what you've done:D

I have to say also that I love your sig pic of the horse ride:heartpump: What fantastic motivation! I also can't wait to be able to ride again


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Go loved-up! I know what you mean about the light bulb moment. I had it once and it worked so well. (then lost it for different reasons :break_diet:) but I have it back on, and I have learnt from my mistake.

I love spending ages reading blogs/diaries/threads of successful people: it is so inspiring (and it prevents you from eating when you want it!:eek:)

I will be following your progression :D

Again, good luck :D


Is determined and focused
Thanks so much Elie

I'm sure we'll be 'seeing' lots more of each other as we get smaller and smaller:D

Oh and I love your little daily rainbow award, what a fantastic idea!


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the rainbow is such a great thing to do at the end of the day! I feel like a child.

I shall follow your progression, and we will be slim in no time :D

We're simply the best :cool:

How is it ging today?
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I really mean it this time too...and I feel different this time too, maybe because I'm doing this for myself and not to please other people!

lots of love



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I really mean it this time too...and I feel different this time too, maybe because I'm doing this for myself and not to please other people!
I think you are spot on. It is important that the decision comes from us. I don't see myself that different from someone who has to stop smoking: it has to come from me or else, I won't be motivated. But of course, it is nice to see that people are happy for us :D Do you have a thread/diary/blog 1974rach?
i hope you can stick to it,
it look like you got the right idea in your mind,
thats half the battle sometime,
Good Luck
maria xx


Is determined and focused
Thanks Rach and Galaxy:flowers:and the best of luck with your journeys too:D

Elie your totally right about doing it for yourself, I think before although I would want to 'wake up slim' I was only really doing it because I felt I should, if you know what I mean?

Today has gone well thanks, had my second weigh in and lost 4lbs so am over the moon with that:D

I have also faced my demons and found out how much I weighed at the start and now (I'd asked my CDC not to tell me:eek:) but I feel strong enough to face it now and tackle it head on, I've even got myself a ticker:eek:

I just hope I can keep as focused, I want this so badly but I know that at the end of the day it's all down to me, and luckily that doesn't seem so scary anymore:)


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Well done loved-up! You know, I didn't want my CDC to tell me my weight either but then I had to check on the scales :confused:. I am a bit obsessed like that :p

And I think this is so great that you can now feel comfortable enough to look at your original weight. Adn the ticker is a BRILLIANT idea. last year, it was so comforting to see the ticker go down and down and down!

You should join the February challenge. You set up a weightloss goal for the month, set up a ticker for it and then you enjoy :D.

How are you doing with the water? I find it so hard!



Is determined and focused
Morning Elie

Yep I'm on the feb challenge (and the easter one lol!) but the ticker for it is a fab idea, I shall go and do that in a minute:D

I'm usually not too bad with the water but I have to admit I'm struggling with it at the moment:eek: I'm wondering if the cold weather is not helping? I've been having the water flavouring hot and it's lovely, just a shame we can't have more than a teaspoon a day or I'd be able to drink loads! I expect it's hard for you too to be able to keep popping to the loo at work which doesn't help?

Hope you have another good rainbow day today:D


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LOL, the loo thing is quite a problem as I can't really leave my little monsters on their own :D So I just run to the staff loos (which are conveniently situated near my classroom) in between lessons.:D

Last time, my CDC didn't tell me anything about a limit on the flavouring....:confused: I used to put a teaspoon in a litre of water.

I absolutely love tickers. Especially when you get really far away from the start of the ticker and you can see how much you've managed to achieve :D

We will survive another day loved-up, we will :D

Elie x
:D Do you have a thread/diary/blog 1974rach?

I started a blog when I joined, but its time to start again I think...then you can all delve into my psyche and discover what a mad head I really am!

Hope you are all having a fabby day (in the snow brrrrr)



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Hey Rach

The snow is gone here in NW Kent. But apparently, they are forecasting some more. They contradict themselves all the time! This time, I buy a spade :D And I would defo read your diary if you had one :D (I love doing that, lol)

Loved-up? Any news from the diet? How is it going?

Elie xoxo


Is determined and focused
Hi Elie

It's all going really well thanks:D

I'm even managing my water so I'm really pleased about that!

I'm not expecting a big loss on my wi (monday) after doing pretty well for the 1st 2 weeks, but you know what, for the first time I don't really care:D

The numbers are great and I'm so pleased with what I've lost,but I know I'm sticking to it and I know the weight is going to come off so I'm happy to take as long as it takes

I really do have a totally different mindset this time, I just hope it stays that way!

I see you've been doing well by all your lovely rainbows:D when is your weigh in?


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Glad to see everything is fine loved-up :D

I never lose big amount of weight, but it is always regular. Usually 5lbs every week, not bad ;) But TOTM is soon and I feel all bloated, so I am not anticipating a big weight loss either. Never mind, as you said, it will come off in the end :D. Patience in everything, as my mum would say :)

Congrats on drinking all the water! I find so hard, so I force myself. Yuck. I don't like it ;)

See later



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Oh, and WI is tomorrow :D

But I usually do my own WI ceremony and this is the weight loss that I register on my signature. The reason behind this is that last time I could see my CDC at the end of the day or 1st thing in the morning, so it wasn't accurate.

Can't wait :D

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