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  1. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member


    So I am starting the Atkins diet this Sunday (16th Feb). I desperately need to lose 3 stone, which crept on last year, and I want to lose 2 stone by the end of March. The reasons are very personal, but I really must lose this weight by then.
    I ideally want to 3 stone off by mid-April as this is when I go on holiday to for 2 weeks, and then I have another weeks holiday early June with the "girls" so I feel a lot of pressure to be as fit as I can be by that point.
    We are trying for a baby come Sep 2014 so I want to be fit and healthy at this point, so this is a huge incentive for me to lose it!

    Is there anyone else that needs to lose this kind of weight and quickly? I have all of the details I need including all of the foods/drinks I am allowed for at least the first two weeks during Induction. I am going to come here on a regular basis and update with whats going on, and maybe with my measurements and weight also, so that it spurs me on.

    I tried Atkins a few years back and was fairly successful and have since tried numerous diets (apart from last year) and they dont seem to have worked at all, an example of this, since 2nd Jan this year, I have worked out 5-6 times a week (mainly cardio) and then yoga on top, and have been sticking to slimming world. Now I know its only been 6 weeks and I should expect miracles but I have lost about 1kg, around 1 cm from my waist, none from my legs, arms or hips! So, Ive had enough and Im going to attempt this hard diet (talking from my experience last time) but I liked the fact that your hunger fades with this, whereas it doesnt with any other diet and thats what I need.

    Anyway, feel free to comment or join me, or if not thats fine :)
    I have 6 weeks to lose 2 stone, I feel this is going to be a tough challenge! :eek: Wish me luck!!!!
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  3. Daisy777

    Daisy777 Member

    Hi i've just started Atkins too on Tuesday so today is day 3.
    I've tried Atkins before many years ago and did lose about a stone but tried to do using a lot of processed/concenvenience food and got bored pretty quickly.
    I'm what u would call a serial dieter but i can never stick to them as i have a big appetite and always find myself hungry, SW green days are great i can eat loads of heavy food but i never lose any weight. I've realised a long time ago my body hates carbs i've always loved bread & cereal & potatoes and that is why i'm just under 16 stone. I would love to be 11 stone that is a perfect weight for me being 5ft 10. I'm bridesmaid in july and i am filled with horror of the thought of going dress shopping in april/ may with the other 2 size 10 bridesmaids :(
    So far this week i have had a totally different experience of Atkins and i am really enjoying it. I've picked up loads of ideas from this site for meals and i've been cooking more and i've enjoyed all of the food. I have sliped up a few times and had a few things that are illegal but sometimes the cravings are so strong its really hard. I'm trying to cook things/buy the right things so next time i'm craving something sweet or bread i have something legal to hand. I'm just not being too hard on myself this time. After eating a sugary yogurt at 9.30 pm end of day 1 on a huge craving, i woke up day 2 and was so close to giving up and having toast for brekkie but i didn't and instead i had boiled eggs. I'm so pleased because i had much better day wed. I've had little bits of fruit, some nuts, yogurt, couple of my son's jellies but when i compare my carb intake over the last 3 days compared to normal theres a huge difference.
    We could compare notes as we go along if u like, it always helps to have some support. I need to get weight off quick, but i always find a good reason to lose the weight leads to good results :) x
  4. Kizzie2011

    Kizzie2011 Full Member

    Hello, I can understand your dilemma. I think we all get to the point where it has to come off once and for all. The good intentions are there but something happens to make us slip up.. etc.. This is my nth time of starting Atkins. I'm just over a week in and all is good so far. I would love to join you on this journey… share menus etc.. I think we have a similar amount to lose so we can boost each other along. As Daisy said, if you have an incentive to lose weight that helps. Your personal reasons are obviously that. I have a holiday in California in April and I really want to shed 1-2 stone by then too.. It's coming off already but I just hope I have the strength and willpower to keep going as good as I have started. :)

    Let's get this thing started. I log in every day a few times a day to keep me on track.. and i"ve started using My fitness plan too.. that's helping me hugely for the last couple of days to keep track with the amount of carbs I was so badly calculating before.

    best of luck and keep logging in!.. chat soon

  5. Daisy777

    Daisy777 Member

    Good morning girls thats 3 of us to support each other. I've set up my fitness pal looks really useful to keep track of carbs. I'm off to have scrambled egg made with a touch of butter for breakfast and get my DS to nursery. Then off for a big food shop i've planned my menu's till tuesday. Hope u have a great day, check back in later. Angela x
  6. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Good Morning Louise & Angela, and thanks for commenting :)
    I am really looking forward to starting this, I am so fed up with feeling bloated, fat and wobbly and I cant fit into my clothes from last year (which is easily 90% of my wardrobe) and so enough is enough I have to do this!!
    I totally understand where you are coming from Angela, I love my food, love eating (mainly choc, crisps and cakes!) and I find that atkins stops you feeling hungry/wanting to eat, which is great as I never feel like that, I eat and eat until I feel sick and cant eat anymore, which is definitely not a good thing!
    I have fitness pal to Louise but I hardly ever use it to be honest, so I am definitely going to as of Sunday, as you say its a great way to check your carb content. I downloaded the atkins app, but its not that good as when I tried to scan things it didnt work, so I guess its mainly to be used in America? Oh well, fitness pal will do just nicely.
    Im not sure if my current weight is actually 13,7 but its around that, but Sunday morning first thing, Im weighing myself and measuring myself and each week, Im going to update on here :)

    I cant wait to start this journey with you!!! Vic x
  7. Daisy777

    Daisy777 Member

    Hi girls, so today is going well so far. Instead of scrambled eggs i had boiled eggs so i could eat them on the run as mornings are a bit hectic with 2 little ones. I cooked 2extra while i was on and i find these handy to have around when i fancy something later on. After shopping my usual routine would be to head to mcdonalds then spend most of the day craving carbs & sugar. Today was so different i didn't feel starving as usual i just felt slightly hungry so i had a packet of ready to eat chicken tikka pieces (3.5g) i felt really satisfied and a bit later i had an egg, SF jelly and a tablespoon of greek yog. For tea i'm making chicken coated in parmesan/garlic/mayo (kat1e's recipe) with roasted asparagus, cauli mash & broccoli. Maybe a glass or 2 of dry white later on as i know if i completely deprive myself i would never last. The best thing about this diet is not feeling starving all the time, i'm really enjoying it. Hope you have both had good days, what have you been eating Louise? See u lost 6lb in ur 1st week well done!!! X
  8. Kat1e

    Kat1e This is for life

    Hi everyone, welcome aboard and good luck! Atkins works so hang in there - do make sure you've read the stickies about getting started and cheating....having said which i highly recommend enjoying all the yummy food you CAN enjoy! And chicken mayo parmesan garlic is still my absolute favourite:D
  9. Daisy777

    Daisy777 Member

    Hi Katie, thanks for ur comments. I've been having a look at the stickies theres some good advice there. I totally understand what jim is saying about cheating. The chicken was so nice the very picky hubbie who likes everything with gravy loved it so will def be making that each week. Ur dairy and comments and basically just how focused and determined you are is really good motivation for people like me, so thanks x
  10. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Hey ladies! I'm getting some great ideas from you for when I start on Sunday. I cannot wait now, only one more day to go! I know it's going to be hard, don't get me wrong, but I know the results tend to be quicker and it cuts your hunger too which is what I need. I just eat and eat and eat until I physically can't eat anymore and I hate it! I'm so glad you're doing so well so far, you are making it sound easy, although I know it's not, far from it! I'm going to create a list of my meals for the week tomorrow, so I can prepare as much as possible. I placed a food order with Iceland so I have all my protein ready :) lots of chicken breasts, pork, lamb, salmon and white fish! Going to asda tomorrow to get my fresh things! I may not have a chance to come in here tomorrow but I will on Sunday with my official starting weight and measurements!! Bring it on!!! :) x
  11. Daisy777

    Daisy777 Member

    Good look vic sounds like ur ready to go, looking fwd to u joining us. I really havn't found it too hard just the cravings on an evening but i know they will stop soon. I had a big craving for toast last night but i made a cocoa mim instead and had some of that and i was totally satisfied. Speak soon x
  12. Kizzie2011

    Kizzie2011 Full Member

    Those cravings are a bugger Daisy! lol.. I woke up wanting something sweet, but made my bacon and eggs (which will become a weekend ritual I think :) enjoyed that and congratulated myself for not giving in to temptation. I DID however have a hot chocolate (cocoa, water, cream and Equal)… which satisfied my sweet tooth. I haven't been hungry at all today and just had some celery, a babybel a dollop of sour cream and some salmon dip. I made a sugar free jelly mousse too.. so I"m probably having too much cream… but good that I'm not hungry.. As Vic said, when I start the day with carbs, I'm a carb monster throughout the rest of the day!… So it's good to know we're starting this together and keep encouraging each other!

    Looking forward to checking in with you guys again tomorrow! :)
    have a good weekend,i'm off to bed to watch Tristan and Isolde ;)
  13. Daisy777

    Daisy777 Member

    Well today has been a good test of my willpower and what I have realised is temptation is always gonna be around you just have to learn to say NO and always have something legal to hand. My first temptation was jacket potatoes for lunch at my parents, then the Jaffa cakes came out, then the chocolates etc etc. I had 2hard boiled eggs and some cheese. Once you say No it gets easier. Once I'd had my food I wasn't even tempted. Then tea time fresh pasta with bolognaise and garlic bread for hubbie & kids, bolognaise with less sauce, salad & cheese for me. But my god that garlic bread was hard to say no to, but I said to myself eating that is why u are this size and that totally put me off it.
    I know when I can wear my suitcases full of lovely size 14 tops, dresses, trousers and jeans that will feel a million times better than eating some garlic bread.
    Another day another battle won, that's all we can do take each day at a time and keep fighting to get our fabulous thin person out of this fat suit lol x
  14. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Hey ladies, wow it sounds like you're doing amazing!! Daisy super well done on saying no to Jaffa cakes and chocolates, I've got such a sweet tooth I probably wouldn't have been able to resist, so you have done really well. I love reading your comments as it fills me with enthusiasm that I can do this!!
    When are your weigh in days?? I am looking forward to posting my pics tomorrow (eeeek!) weight and measurements. I really can't wait to et started now :)
    Can you have such a thing as too much cream? I'm going to take some of the tips from you Louise for my sweet tooth :) as I know the time will come when I need a quick fix.

    Will check back in tomorrow morning x
  15. Kizzie2011

    Kizzie2011 Full Member

    Hi Vic and Angela :)

    How's it going? I hope you both had a great weekend. Well done for not giving into those sweet treats. Man it's so hard to say no. but as you say, once you've said 'no' out loud you find a bit more strength to stick to it! I was out at a beautiful market today, there were fresh hot doughnuts, cotton candy, fudge and all sorts of treats.. MAN that was hard.. the smell was just eating away at me. My niece mentioned us getting a bag of doughnuts (she'd forgotten my low carb plan!). i think I made some kind of alien noise, she laughed and we carried on walking! A few stalls down were a whole heap of rescued baby kangaroos! SO I was snuggling a few to those instead! Much better for the soul than doughnuts! lol..

    I think there are still carbs in cream so we have to be aware of stalling. I love the sugar free mousse though.. really hits the spot. I refrained tonight so I'll try not to have it every day.

    Thanks for the reminder about measuring! I haven't done that yet.. I must do that, as my weight is slow coming off this time around,, but maybe my shape is changing:…?

    Have a great week and I look forward to checking in with you both soon :)

  16. Daisy777

    Daisy777 Member

    Hi girls, I had an okay day yesterday not as good as I could have been I'm gonna read the book because I'm not 100% sure I'm doing it right do hopefully that will get my head in the right place this week. Weigh in is tomorrow so that will be interesting. Sounds like you had a lovely day out the smell of doughnuts has got to be one of the most tempting, well done resisting. I've been having SF jelly every night so I'm gonna stop buying it because I want to cut sweeteners out I think they make me crave more so I'm gonna try to avoid them completely the hardest part is giving up sweetener in my coffee it's really not nice without it but I'm sure I will get used to it eventually.
    B- boiled eggs again (need to have something diff 2morro)
    L- lunch out at a carvery
    D- chipolotas with big salad & grated cheese
    Hope you have a great day, when is ur weigh in Louise?
  17. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Good Morning Ladies!
    I honestly didnt have a clue about cream.. years ago when I done this, Im sure you could have as much cream as you liked? But now they say you can only have 3-4tbps, that isnt much at all, is it!
    Angela, I too love coffee and hate it without milk, so Im really struggling with that one, I am trying to have more herbal teas (green and peppermint) to fill in the gaps, but going from about 10 coffees a day is quite difficult. I stocked up on diet coke before starting this as I knew not having sweet things would be a killer, but as you say, I wonder if having the sweet things makes you crave more of it, and therefore its not actually helping?? Im not sure.. I guess I will see how I get on this week :)
    Well done Louise on resisting those, Im not sure I would have had that willpower - Im probably better off avoiding everything like that for the first few weeks, just in case haha
    Im travelling later this week and am staying away at my sisters house for 3 days, Im worried that Im going to struggle with this, so Im trying to think of quick meal ideas for the 3 days, I can make scrambled egg in the morning, maybe take some chicken to snack on during the day, but Im not sure what to have for dinners, I feel bad asking her to cook me something different, but Im hoping that will be ok. I will try and prepare as much as I can before I go there, so its a little easier.
    For food today, I have:
    B : scrambled eggs and bacon
    L : tuna, mayo, cheese and cucumber
    D : lamb steaks and cauliflower cheese mash (followed by diet coke for desser! haha)

    Hope you both have a great day and I cant wait to hear your results this week, good luck for them x
  18. Kizzie2011

    Kizzie2011 Full Member

    Hi Ladies :)

    Sounds like you're both doing well :) hurrah! we're doing good.. taking it day by day. I must say, I did congratulate myself on passing the doughnuts.. it was hard.. but as the people I was with didn't have anything it was easier..and I love 'fair' foods! I also sat with the same people having lunch… surrounded by delicious smelling French fries! wah.. anyway. I kept my mind focused on my goal,, and keeping the face of someone I really dislike as the voice of temptation has REALLY been helping me too :).. All these tools come in handy :)

    My weigh in was Thursday but I want to start weighing on Sunday.. to nicely round off the week. So Week 2 will be slightly longer and I"ll weigh in on Sunday :) *I must admit I do have sneaky weigh ins some days just to see how much it goes up and down… there must be a pattern in there somewhere!

    **With your traveling could you buy a roast chicken?.. one of those delicious rotisserie chickens?? yum with a green salad. I used to shred roasted chicken and lightly fry it with a teaspoon of butter with mushrooms!.. it goes crispy and reminds me of southern fried chicken! .. you could also shred some and have it with mayo and avocado! :) just an idea anyway :)

    Have a great week both of you and check in again soon :)
  19. Kizzie2011

    Kizzie2011 Full Member

    OH! and the cream thing.. I think it depends on the individual. I know when I first did this a few years ago I had heaps of cream daily. .and lost 18 pounds in two weeks of induction.. but now, with the fifth of sixth attempt at it.. (and aging!! boo too) I figure it's going to be a lot slower.. so I'm trying to figure out what stalls me. I DO know that diet sodas were stalling me.. even when I was having one a day. I still have tons of them in my cupboard, but I won't have one until I"m well on the way to loosing some fat. I Am however having a diet cordial. I need something in my water.. even just a splash, that way I can guzzle the 2-4 litres I need to consume everyday.. and I"m really only adding a splash now.
  20. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Hey Louise glad it's going so well for you and thanks for the cream update. 18lbs!!!!! In 2 weeks!!! That's crazy, god id love to be able to lose that, I would be amazed to lose 14lbs in 2 weeks, but will see how it goes. I feel so much better today already, my stomach has calmed right down, no bloating etc, heaven!! :) Doing my exercise DVDs tonight for 1.5hrs so hopefully that will help with the weight loss x
  21. iwannabeslim1

    iwannabeslim1 Full Member

    Hello ladies. Day 3!
    Hope you're all having a lovely day x

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