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i resisted.........

just been to asda to get oh shopping and i resisted the pasties ready made sandwiches and most of all walked past mcds without a thought. For myself came out with 16 litres of fizzy water oh and the new domestos pack with the pinny bet i cant do it up but it might inspire me to do some well overdue cleaning sat hear gluggling the water while oh is glugiing the oj hangover from hell serves him right !
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is gonna shine in 2009
Welldone for resisting. You should feel proud.

I'm on day four and finding everyday it gets easier to be not bothered by food.

I just made my kids the most gorgeous looking ham salad sandwhich and a bowl of fruit and didn't bother me one bit.
thanx kirsty bf just asked whats for dinner honestly
?????well told him theres pies ffingers faggots what ever he wants
the apron fitted and ive been cleaning my kitchen the last hr
its not finished but looks tons better and smells bleachy !!
btw the apron fitted look lovely in pink should have treated myself to some nice pink gloves
kim & aggie here i come !!!!!!!!!
Well done for resisting. The supermarket always smells so nice and its very difficult to not want something, so give yourself a pat on the back and keep up the good work!!!
Well done for resisting - you're doing great.
And don't you feel just great and full of energy while oh has a hangover - LOL
yep just finished kitchen off to clean bathroom whilst all hes done is slob on the sofa


is gonna shine in 2009
Welldone you!!
whilst up cleaning bathroom bf came up stairs asking me if i was going for a lay down i said no as im cleaning bthrm and wanna watch eastenders he then piped up oh im gonna miss rugby then i then replied NO ill watch it upstairs so we compromised and gonna tape it and watch it later so i might get my noonie in after all


Must try harder!!
I resisted too!!

I got up this morning and as a birthday treat to my sister, I made her breakfast in bed. Huge mug of tea and a bacon sandwich. Greedy minx! :p

I even sat on the end of her bed and watched her stuff her face whilst I sipped a toffee and walnut shake!! :mad: Didnt have one crumb of a sandwich - even tried to hold my nose in case the smell contained calories.:)

Im soooo proud!!


Must try harder!!

I think weekends are the hardest time to have will power etc
Lots of temptation and time on our hands but...

Well done to ALL of us for resisting and generally being fantastic!!

And Kittykat - you are an inspiration... Im off to find the bleach and clean my home too!!

:) :) :)


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