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I smell evil (TMI?)

First day on SW - following extra easy. I've been on shakes for the last three days, and today have eaten a lot more veg than I normally do (hmmm baked beans might also have been a mistake), Anyway, my digestive system is complaining in a VERY smelly way.

I hope this goes by tomorrow as I'm escorting a bunch of preschoolers on a trip, and they're not known for their diplomacy!

Is this normal???!!!!! Any tips (other than avoid the beans for a few days :ashamed0005:
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I see the light!
haha, I remember them earily windy days well and how my backside smelt like something gone rotten!!! It does pass honestly, when your digestive system gets used to the extra fibre! I still get days like it, but least it isnt trapped wind cause gawd thats painful.

good luck with it all

Helen xxx


Serial Foodie!
not sure i can be of any help but im sure the kiddies will be kept delighted for hours if you do end up entertaining them with your gases :D
LOL! :D My main food didn't change all that much when I started SW as I eat mainly veggie food anyway. But for months, yes months, I had really disgusting wind!! I still occasionally get a 'bad' day, but it has calmed down a lot :eek: Hopefully yours will calm down a lot quicker than mine did :p

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Lol..it happens to us all Hun!!!
There are good days and bad days for me too...Hubby reckons that I am "going off" from the inside ;)



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Mrs R - im with you on that one!!!! i have a baaaaaad case of trumpet trousers...


Fighting the bulge

I too suffer from trumpet trousers - im ok 99% of the time but if i have a beans day it sends to set me off!! Honestly it smells like something crawled up there and died sometimes haha my brother finds it hilarious (he's 10)

Its not just you hun, par for the course im afraid!! Hope you have a good trip and it doesnt cause you too much trouble!!



shrinking granny
cor if only we lost weight every time we passed wind I'd be a target months ago.

As well as wind, I suffer terribly with a swollen tummy when I eat pulses or pasta to the point that I have to open the button on my trousers and cant get it closed again :cry: but the swelling is away by the next morning.


Fighting the bulge
I use to get that aswell, i have been informed that it may be an intolerance to carbs (pasta, white bread, etc do it for me)

I tend to be ok it i only eat HEX size portions of it xx
oh thank goodness im not alone.

my cauliflower fluffs are just terrible.
And im ashamed to say this but i just have to tell you this, when i trump i blame the dog!!!

goodness how bad is that when other half puts the dog out cause he thinks he needs the toilet from the smell???

theres no way on this earth im admitting to them!

if i did do you think he would put me out in the garden?



Always comes back to MMs!
LMAO, hilarious thread!

I don't have a dog... I blame the kitchen bin ha ha.....!!

oh lordy the kitchen bin lol :D what must we smell like we are evil he he

what is this healthy eating doing to us!!!!

Blame the hamster MichelleB they are cute so they wont get in trouble ha :ashamed0005:
OMG I suffer terribly.... Or should I say the rest of the family suffer terribly!!

If only wind had weight eh? We'd be slim in a week!!:8855:


Will be slinky!
BF and I are both doing SW and there's been a definite increase in trouser trumpeting! Luckily 9 times out of 10 they don't smell (or he'd be sleeping outside :p)

We've taken to blaming the lizard. It's a very bad lizard ;)
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