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I spoilt it :(

Hi Maheen

Dont beat yourself up over it, just draw a line under it and start again xx


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hey hun youve spoken some words of wisdom to me over the last few days so il try you with mine lol wel ill try!! you have to just get back on it, tell your brother next time not to even ask you lol. go to bed wake in morn feeling happy, positive and just get on with it!i actually think im addicted to this forum lol im on it all the time ha ha !! x
Aw Maheen, it's not spoilt, it's just a pause in proceedings. Tomorrow, you wake up with a clean slate and you'll get back to ketosis soon and be burning up fat again in no time. People are right - don't beat yourself up over this. Close the chapter and start afresh - you can do it! :) xxx
awwe thanks guys yep next time I will make sure my brother doesn't ask me it's not his fault he doesn't know about my diet my other brother does so he doesn't ask me anymore. I did still have my 3 shakes as I don't want to deprive myself of the nutrients. Thanks a bunch guys :)
aw i know exactly how you feel, i have had 3 weeks of just giving in, but last Monday i drew a line under it all to start again, it is a minor blip and at least you recognised this after 1 meal it has taken me a number of meals to then say enough is enough as i wasn't even hungry which is the worst thing


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awww maheen, whats done is done, sleep well and start again tomorrow, tomorrow is another day xx
YOu aint going to give up just because of a little blip... i wont let you :D!! Now start a fresh tomorrow morning drink LOTS and LOTS of water and carry on SS 100% from now on. I am having my own little 100% day challenge tomorrow if you fancy joining in on it with me :D xxx
a minor blip hun back on the cd wagon and glug loads of water

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