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I started today

Hi again,,,

I received my order on Friday but I didn't start until today morning regarding a commitment I had.

The food was in good packaging and it test okay so far,,,, I miss my coffee which I use to have it with sugar:(. I had the (Gornola for the BF, Ginger biscuit with makiatto for mid day Chunky Vegetable with a slice of bread for lunch+ 1 plum) so far, I am doing good but I am so scared that I might flopped :(

I need support:(:(

See you later,,,
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You're scared you might run out of energy? Or scared you won't stick at this?


Stubborn and doing it
Just look at one day at a time - if you feel you are gonna go off the rails just post on here :)

Good luck :D

The food does taste lovely - I got pork meatballs and cauli for dinner - yum :p
Snap! I'm going to have that as well. Had the pea & ham soup for lunch, is probably my favourite soup so far - yum!
I just started, we can support each other with this if you like? As caroline said, just take it one day at a time - the time will pass and before you know it you'll have dropped lots of weight :D
I hope so darling,,, we will be fine :D


Stubborn and doing it
We all fall flop at some point - right now you are just starting out and so should enjoy that initial buzz. If it gets tougher later on and you fall, just pick yourself up and get back on the donkey.

My losses have been small lately what with 1 lb, a quarter lbs, and so on, but it's all going downwards and that's because I'm picking myself up. I'm not giving up so there hehe!

And neither should you ;) Just be persistent.
I ordered my first weeks supply today cant wait to get started, i had been doing lighter life and lost 20lb in 5 weeks which was great but after the 5th week i couldnt seem to do it, missed eating dinner with my family ect. Im hoping to lose 27lb by the summer


maintaining since June'09
Good Luck all you new starters .... I bet there'll be loads more joining you soon too ...... I've had the TV on Living this afternoon whilst pottering around (not just sitting watching HONEST!!!!! ;).... would I??? **whistles innocently** ) and I've lost count of the number of DC adverts that have been on!!
I'm doing well today, I suddenly feel like something's clicked in my head, and I'm in The Zone! Don't know what made the difference but it feels great! Just back from doing exercise and everything. Wow. :D

How is everyone else getting on?


Stubborn and doing it
That zone is a fantastic place to be in :D

It's all about the head really - bonkers bunch we are :p Well, er, at least I am bonkers, er, just a little, perhaps :)
So disappointed it my delivery didnt come today was hoping to get started got my head in the zone just trying to be careful with what i eat in the meantime.


maintaining since June'09
Lovin' that ZONE!!!!! xx
Jan if I haven't said it already (somewhere else !!) you are doing so fantastically well !! And you are right it is all about being in the right place in your head and doing it for you - and you alone !!
Are people starting to notice your weight loss ???
It is chatting and hearing how everyone else is doing that really helps and always remembering tomorrow is a new day and that you can step back on as soon as you step off !!