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I suppose it was just a matter of time...

Mrs L has swine flu :( She's laid up in bed at the moment, I'm just waiting for the kettle so I can take her a cup of tea and some toast to take the Tamiflu on.

I wonder when it'll infect the rest of the house? Worried about the kids really, our youngest is only 1 year old.

And it's WI on Thursday. Wonder if I should go and get my supplies today, in case I'm laid up later?
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To be honest, if you get it you'll have to go up the plans anyway, so I wouldn't worry about your supplies for now. Also, I would check about what the advice is for you as someone in contact with someone with swine flu and whether you're ok to move about as normal if that makes sense! I don't know whether there's chances of you passing things on, I don't know! Call NHS Direct or your doctor I guess.


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I don't think it has much of an incubation period though, I think as soon as you catch it, symptoms start, so don't think you need to worry about spreading it. Just keep an eye out for symptoms I guess. The little one is just old enough for Tamiflu and Relenza, so if they do catch it, they can all be treated.
Ah that's ok, I was worried he was too young to have the medication. Bit of a relief then.

As far as getting the supplies goes, I'll still need some for myself, even if I go up a plan. I was going to call my CDC and arrange a doorstep drop so she won't come into contact with me lol. And I'll be in the car for the rest of the time.

I know this is going to sound daft but I wouldn't be surprised if I don't get it. I never catch illnesses. Mrs L has been laid up with flu a couple of times and it doesn't seem to bother me. This is mega-flu though isn't it?


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They can take Tamiflu or Relenza from the age of 1, so he should be fine!

To be honest, no. It's actually really not that bad. Well, it depends. Some people have got it, and it's been pretty nasty. Others have been fairly mild. So it's not a huge panic. Tamiflu seems to work fairly well. The main concern is if you've got any breathing, heart, lung etc. type conditions, but then that's the same with flu anyway.

In terms of death, it's fairly low. 1200 I believe across the world. 36000 people die of ordinary flu in the states each year. There's been 140000 cases in the UK, and 31 deaths. So it's very few. It's more the fact that it's unknown, they don't know how it'll spread or change that's the concern I think.


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Hope Mrs L is feeling much better soon, my husband had suspected swine flu about 3 weeks ago was given the tamiflu took it made him feel alot worse and was still really ill.. Went to the doctors who would not let him in the first time...... and they gave him anti biotics as he had a chest infection .. which would have gone if he was given the anti biotics in the first placed but got palmed off with the tamiflu..

Sorry about that rant....... I hope Mrs L is better soon and none of you get it.. x

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Hiya, I would def go and get your cd supplies asap just so you're prepared. You'd be kicking yourself if you've run out whatever plan you're on. Hope your family is okay. poor you xxx


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Aww, sorry to hear that Jim, hope Mrs L is better soon. I second getting some supplies in just in case, you don't want to use this as an excuse to eat if you do get it.

Loving the farmyard toys though, how ironic!!
Just spoke to my CDC, I'm going over in a couple of hours to basically do a doorstep pickup lol, no WI. TBH I wouldn't want to risk passing anything on to her, due to her seeing her clients, not that I think I've got it myself. I've got a dust mask in the shed, might take that ;)


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My friend and her 9month old baby had swine flu but her partner(who lives with them) didn't as he is relatively healthy so you might be safe. Hope Mrs L gets better soon.....make her some bacon to go with her toast :p
Famous last words Lol :p
Hope you dont get it....remember man-flu is always worse!!! :D
Heh, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed. I could do without both of us being laid up. I'm acting as nurse, childminder and breadwinner all at the same time. I've just spoken to my boss, at least they're pretty understanding about this stuff.

And my mum is taking the kids shortly :D

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