I think I am getting out of control shopping

I wouldn't worry I am a size 22 and I can't stop buying clothes and shoes am loving it bank account isnt though
I've had to get DH to extend my wardrobe. Never had so many clothes in my life. So embarrassing:eek:

Sometimes I just open the doors and stand and smile at them for 5 minutes or so. Don't need to get changed or anything....just stand and stare :D

I'm a weirdo really.:eek:
I am exactly the same, i have replaced food with clothes shopping. Thats the addictive personality coming out again i guess. Gotta stop though, up to my eyeballs in debt!:eek:
Sorry to interrupt this broadcast while I give a quick wave to Bex.

greets (11).gif
Hi Trio!!! Getting better at navigating this site!!:D

It's easier if people stop posting. As soon as they start posting and changing titles of their threads, you need to find where you are all over again :D