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I think I may be a bit confused?!!!

Hi all

I am a newbie and I believe I am slightly confused!

I started the CD on Friday and it has been hard, I have shed a few tears of fustration, anyway thats no my confusion..... I have read alot of stuff about ketosis...........is it a good thing? When I went to my CDC I was all in a daze, she did mention ketosis but to be honest I didn't really understand. What happens when your in it and how do you know your in it? And what is peeing on urine sticks all about? (lol) Please help anyone?

Does anyone have any ideas on dealing with hunder pangs?

Thank you very much
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Ketosi just means that your body is burning fat rather than just using up all the energy that the carbs you have recently eaten are providing.
Basically first few days = stored energy
ketosis = fat burning


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ketosis is where you want to be after about 2/3/4 days your body goes into ketosis (fat burning mode )and it helps take away the hunger and also gives you a burst of well being /energy .Some CDCS give you dip sticks so you can test your wee to see when you are in ketosis and so fat burning ,you can buy them ebay or chemist .Hang in there the hunger goes away but drink loads of water and keep busy play the games in the arcade spring clean anything oh post on mini we will try keep you going xxx


Striving to be good.....
Hi Bev....
First of all, you are SO not alone.
Mins has kept me sane (ish) for the last 3 weeks.
You will become addicted - I spend more time on here than doing anything else!

Knowing that we are all in the same boat makes such a difference. You can tell the absolute truth on here and everyone is so lovely that no-one flinches at what you have to say - just offers support and assistance.

First week is hard. by the end of the week when you go to weigh in, and you see that needle drop you will think that the struggle was absolutely so-worth-it!
Week 2 and 3 get easier and you can then find ways to 'spice up' your soups and shakes.
Good luck on your journey. You have so made the right choice.

Be gorgeous,

Michelle xx
I hope it gets easier, I am sooooo focused with the CD, I can't believe I haven't eaten a single thing since Friday, usually I'm in and out of the fridge, munching on almost everything. I even cooked a roast dinner (which is my favourite) for my husband and didn't have a thing! I'm well proud of that. I am just pretty worried about the weeks ahead, is it common to do the SS, as I haven't seen on this forum that anyone else is doing it?

Thanks for all of your support xx


Striving to be good.....
From what I have gathered, a large percentage do do the SS method of CD. I wanted to find a 790/810 survivor and find out their losses - (numbers refer to the calories per day).

You are strong to resist sunday lunch - well done. Like you its my favourite meal of the week and I would sell my soul for a yorkshire pudding or a stuffing ball!

I am on SS, though I have been known to allow things to fall into my mouth. Good luck with it. Don't be tempted like I have allowed myself to be.
Wishing you the strength to resist temptation every single day.....

Be gorgeous

Michelle x
Keep focussed on the forum and it will easily distract you if times get tough; its also wonderful to interact with those who are facing the same issues.


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Hi Skinny, i think there are lots of us doing SS on here. I've been SSing for nearly 11wks now and it really does get easier with time. Hang in there you will be fine x x x x


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Hi Skinny (great positive name:)!)
I have been SS-ing for 10 weeks (gosh, just had to check my diary!) the time really does fly!
Welcome to the gang:welcome:you may have your ups and downs but you're in the best place for all the support and encouragement you could ever wish for...
MiniMins is Great, let it be the angel on your shoulder!
Good luck on your journey.....and keep posting!


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Hi Skinny
I'm doing SS too - but every 5th week I do add a meal.
Its not too hard, you get used to it.
Minimins gives you great support and ideas - look at the stickys on the top of the main page, there is one for recipies with food packs. I don't know if I'd have managed without recipies.

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