I think I may be traumatised

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  1. Starlight

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    For months now Ive very periodically heard a mouse scratching in what sounds like the walls to my flat.

    I saw the wee bandit one night in my living room and nearly died off!!!!

    A friend of mine has helped me put it into perspective and Ive been all chuffed with myself the fact its bothering me less and less hearing it in the walls....

    WELL until half an hour ago when I went into my bedroom and found the little beggar lying dead on the middle of the floor :cry:

    Its mad, its a tiny little very dead, mouse and I feel physically sick and am shaking even thinking about it....

    Thankfully one of my pals is working at the moment and as soon as hes clear hes coming up to get shot of it. Yes, yes I know, a terrible misuse of Police resources but OMG this is my own personal emergency!!! :cry::cry:

    This is the first time Ive really thought I wanted a strong drink in ages lol
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  3. KD

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    Awww. Poor little thing. (The mouse that is...not you:p) :D
  4. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

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    :rotflmao: Oi! Mickey and I had an agreement...he stayed in the walls/skirting and Id ignore him. Hell mend him if he couldnt keep to that lol
  5. hollycat

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    We had a mouse about seven years ago, when next door were having building work done.
    My DH came in from night shift and found a crust in our bed and accused the kids of munching in there.
    The next night I was woken up, turned the light on to find a tail disappearing off the end of the bed. The little b*gger had been in bed with me. Now I was traumatised! :)
  6. Aurora

    Aurora Full Member

    Last summer, (I mean 2006 - not the excuse of one we had this year!) the loft was invaded three times by breeding squirrels from the woods at the rear. :eek:

    Sleep was impossible as they scrabbled and fought above my head for most of the night. :(

    At one point I was lying in the bath with a good book, chilled wine (before CD), when one of the inset lights dropped down and a squirrel's head poked through. :gen147:

    My feet didn't touch the floor as I fled! Needless to say that my friends laughed themselves senseless at this.:cool:

    Over the summer, the man from the extermination company was such a frequent visitor that the neighbours thought I was having an affair with him!!!!

    Builders came and fixed the eaves with four inch thick wooden battens. Twelve hours later, they had chewed right through wood (the squirrels, not the builders) and had taken up residence again.

    The rats with tails pulled up all the insulation, chewed through joists and electric cables, ripped down the roof lining and removed several tiles and bits of the eaves.

    In all, eleven of the little blighters were taken away in body bags.

    Traumatised? You bet I was, especially as the costs topped £2,000.

    I now have a gun! :eek:
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  7. Debbiemac

    Debbiemac Cambridge Consultant

    As long as they are greys!!

    We're lucky enough to still have reds in our area - got a little family out the back - thank god not in the roof though (thats reserved for the bats :eek:)
  8. Aurora

    Aurora Full Member

    Oh, lucky you to have red squirrels. Only greys around here, unfortunately. Millions of them! :sigh:

    I should have said that don't actually kill any. They run into the woods as soon as they hear the click of the gun so I always miss!!!! Not used to shooting at a moving target! :eek:

    However, a neighbour is a better shot! :D
  9. Aurora

    Aurora Full Member

    Forgot about the bats Debbie! Eek!

    In many ways, they are more of a problem as they are protected.

    A friend had bats and managed to move them on by putting bright lighting in the loft and piping loud muzak up there 24/7.

    Soon they were gone!
  10. Dom1979

    Dom1979 Gold Member

    OMG, now I'M traumatised, cos i am SURE I heard a noise in the walls to MY flat, but we don't have mice here, we have RATS. Big fat hairy rats.
  11. Aurora

    Aurora Full Member

    The bigger the rat, the better the target.

    Want to borrow a gun? :D
  12. sonban

    sonban Addicted to Minimins

    Oh mice (cringe) when we I was younger and still lived with my mum we had a intruder mice. My brother went in the kitchen to make a brew and flew back in the living room about 5 seconds later screaming like a girl. Turns out when he went in the kitchen the light bulb blew and when he stepped in the kitchen in the dark he stood on the mouse and killed it. Poor little mousey but OMG I have never laughed so much in my life as he is a big stropping over 6 foot lad.:D
  13. Aurora

    Aurora Full Member

    Hi Sonia,

    Do you think he could pop round to help Dom out?
  14. sonban

    sonban Addicted to Minimins

    Lol, if he squeeled at a little mouse god knows what he would do if he stood on a big fat hairy rat.:D
  15. Aurora

    Aurora Full Member

    Kill it, hopefully. LOL.

    What do you think Dom?
  16. Debbiemac

    Debbiemac Cambridge Consultant

    The greys are closing in apparently :( WE even have squirrel watch up here and they are giving out traps to anyone interested so if you need target practise......

    yeah - they are protected up here (if the right people know about them!) the local Lead Mine tourist attraction had to have special bat doors put in before they could 'close' up the mine each winter! Mind you, they are flippin useful for catching midges in the summer. Not so good when they get in the house and fly in circles around your head :eek:
    We have big pussy cats up here... well fed ;) :rolleyes:

    I think I'd yell if I saw one up close, the rat that is! I'm sure one set off our spotlights the other week.... drawback to living in the country I suppose.
  17. Aurora

    Aurora Full Member

    I would like to wipe out all grey squirrels! They are destructive creatures and have virtually wiped out the red population. The reds are shy and not known for taking up residence in houses.

    That's interesting.

    I definately wouldn't want them in the house - the council would probably up my council tax!!!! They do swoop overhead when it's dark if I am sitting outside in the summer.

    Maybe Dom needs a cat?

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  19. Debbiemac

    Debbiemac Cambridge Consultant

    There was talk on our local website chat about some RSPCA guys capturing them, then RELEASING the greys back in to the flipping countryside - but they are classed as rodents and its actually against the law apparently! Thank god they weren't doing it up here, they'd have been lynched. (Its a bit of a 'Royston Vasey' type town here in Alston :eek:
  20. Aurora

    Aurora Full Member

    You would think the RSPA would know better.

    I could have had them trapped in the loft and released them back into the garden, i.e. their own terratory - to chase right up the drainpipe and back into the loft - or they had to be despatched.

    Hobson's Choice!
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