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I think i'm doing OK??? But need some advice

Hi Guys
Just thought i'd give you all an update. Well i've done 2 red days in a row and it seems a lot easier than last time I was on the plan. I am enjoying everything I am eating and so far havent craved crisps or chocolate which is amazing!

The only thing is I feel like I have eaten too much today but that might just be me! Can you guys have a look and tell me if it looks ok.

Strawberries & banana with muller light

Chicken salad with very low fat cottage cheese (2A)
2 slice wholemeal bread (400g loaf) - 1B

Banana and strawberries

Stir fry with Tuna and chicken - homemade stir fry sauce (2-3 syns)
1 slice white bread (1B)

2 coffees with sugar (2 syns)
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Now to maintain.....
i wouldnt say you had eaten too much,id say it looked a good amount to be eating.
1 question......you have the cottage cheese down as 2 a choices....isnt it free???
Only thing I would say is that white bread wouldnt be counted as a B choice - it would need to be wholemeal :)

Also you dont have a healthy A choice there ?


Now to maintain.....
and you have a slice of white bread as your second b...white bread is not a b choice and cannot be counted as such,it must be synned.
Yes just check and it is syn free. So i guess i could have it down as 1A instead.
Other thing is can you eat to many veggies and salad on a red day? I dont think you can but just thought i'd ask in case
It looks to me that you're doing just fine. My consultant always says if you think of your body like a steam train... the more free food (fuel) you put into it, the faster your metabolism will be, and in effect your weight loss will stay at a good pace. I must admit the best losses I have had have been those where Ive eaten loads!

Hope this helps xxx:)
Ok well syns for white bread is fine as I have hardly used any syns today.
I struggle with my A choices. Can cottage cheese not be used as one because I hate milk and not that keen on cheese either?


Now to maintain.....
hun if its free then its free....NOT an a choice.therefore you havent had an a choice.
your a choice and b choice must be off the list.....if its not on the list its not a choice.

so the amount you have eaten is fine-not too much-but you have only had 1 b choice and no a choice from that menu!
Could someone tell me what other A choices actually are other than cheese & milk?

Also what amount of pasta/rice/potato is classed as a portion for a b choice?
Just milk and cheese for an A choice. Do you have the food optimising books ? Its all listed there. Also the weights for potato for a red day will be in there too... I'm sorry I dont do red days so I dont know that one off hand.
Unfortunatley I dont have the food optimising I couldn't find that one when I was digging out all my old stuff. I want to join a group again but I just cant afford to do it at the moment so I will just have to do without the food optimising for now!
I might look on ebay to see if there is any on there but they will probably be for stupid prices
Could you get to a class for one night to get the books, it'd probably end up cheaper than paying out on ebay and p&p ? Just a thought, but I couldnt be without mine for all the info :)


Now to maintain.....
yes id highly recommend just going to one class and getting the books.
it'll cost you £10 at moment to join and £5 for your first class.........the books go for upwards of £15 on ebay,usually nearer 20 and quite often they arent the most recent ones either.
I might try that soon. I can remember most of the info from last time so until I can get to one I'll just see how I go. Thanks for the advice


Now to maintain.....
unfortunately thats last weeks bella(the 12th is the 'end' date of the magazine.
but if you have a local newsagents then ask as they might not have sent all their unsold ones back yet and would probably sell you one.


Silver Member
100g boiled weight of pasta is a HEB on a RED ( 35g dried weight)
198g boiled new potato and 227g baking potato
Rice is NOT a HEB on a RED

HEA's are ALL milk and cheese, as it is your calcium intake. Could you not incorporate milk and cheese in to recipes to get them in you?? rice pudding on a GREEN would be free for you if using up your milk choice for it ( you could use full fat milk as its less quantity to get through) include cheese in your meals, on top of pasta, on a SW pizza.
Thanks guys. I'll see if I can get a copy of it and thanks for the info *Honey. That helps a lot. Just got to fit in the milk or cheese now

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