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I think I'm falling off the wagon!!! Help!!!

Help!! I'm starting to really struggle with LL.

Tonight will be my 5th W.I and I've found the last week the hardest…

I'm craving food really badly..the worst it's been so far. I am thinking about food all the time!

I'm starting to dislike more and more of the packs so I've missed a LOT of them this week..infact it's fair to say I've probably had 2 a day if that (and some days it's been 2 bars!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!)…and I've hardly drank ANY water!!

I don't know what to do..I feel like I'm falling off the wagon!!

Despite missing a hell of a lot of packs and not drinking the water, I still haven't cheated (god only knows how as I must be starving!).

To top it all off it's my W.I tonight and I feel heavier?!!?!? Is that possible?! To have almost starved for the week and be heavier???

I need to get new packs tonight (the ones I like) and start tomorrow properly again…but I'm really worried I can't get back on the wagon! Do you think I'll be out of Ketosis now????

Stressed and worried…:(:(:(
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Oh Nat, you poor thing. I felt exactly the same as you last week.

I think that you have to challenge yourself of if you do want to continue, you need to remember all the reasons why you joined initially, and remember that while the programme is hard, the losses are fantastic.

You then need to put the week behind you and start straight back tomorrow. It's really important that you have all your packs or you won’t be having all your vitamins and minerals etc, which will make you feel rough.

You have to congratulate yourself that you haven't eaten at all, so you have still kept in abstinence, I'm no expert but I would assume this means that you are still in ketosis.

Hopefully your WI tonight will motivate you and the weeks counselling inspire you.

How much weight have you lost now? How much further you got to go?
Thanks Kate!!

I've lost 23lbs so far and I've got between 4-5 stone still to go..it just seems soooooo far off still having all that to go! I know that 23lbs in 4 weeks is great but I don't expect it to carry on as great as that and it just feels like I'll be on this diet forever! I don't want to give up tho' and I won't...I just wish I could see the wood beyond the trees!!!

I don't know what's been wrong with me this week..I just haven't been on form at all. But I need a kick up the back side tonight to get me going again tomorrow!!

I want all the weight off my end of November if I can and although it seems a long way off (5 months away) I'm worried that I won't make a stone a month...



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We all go through this feeling.....strange really as we have lost a great amount of weight but still feel so crap.
You will get through this though so do keep at it and think about how you want to look at the end.


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The problem is that it is difficult. There is no denying that!

The way I dealt with it in my head was

a) If I was doing WeightWatchers it would take me a LOT longer.
b) If I was doing other plans I probably wouldn't have got this far already.
c) I've had years of pleasure from bad foods. It is only a short period (relatively) before we get to our goal.
d) If I can't do it this way I'll never be able to do it!

Keep sticking at it. This is the best chance (and programme) you've got to lose the weight.

Post here on MiniMins and people will pick you up.

Look for the recipe ideas. I personally love the poppadom made from chicken soup.

Keep going,


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If it helps, just keep thinking week by week. I just set myself a goal each week to continue another week of the programme. I want to loose the same amount of weight as you and thinking of it being months is just too danting for me. I just take each week at a time, and loads of treats to try and take your mind off the lack of food. Been booking manicures, trip to cinema etc.
Might not work for you, but just what has pulled me through the last week.


Taking it Day by Day
I can really sympathise with you, as I posted earlier I am really struggling currently. Despite all the knowledge of how great this diet is, it is a daily struggle for me at the moment, and I think about food all the time and almost gave in twice during the last week. Now I think you have done extremely well not to give in, bearing in mind that you didn't have all your foodpacks.
I have to agree with Kate78, try and take it a week at a time. I will try and do that too. It somehow seems less daunting to carry on for one more week and then see how I feel (still I know that I will probably struggle on a daily basis)
Please don't give up, it's only a few weeks in the big scheme of things (I try to tell myself this on a daily basis....) and it will be sooo worth it in the end
Feel for you, it can feel so long until the end when you've a few stones to lose but just think about getting to the next milestone, say the next 5lbs to your 2stone mark or to 30lbs. You'll start to feel so much better phsically as the weight drops off (or at least I have!) You've done so well to stay abstinent even though you've gone off some of the packs and I can't see why you'd be out of ketosis, when I've missed packs I've still remained 'in the pink'. Its such an achievement to keep hitting the next milestone and before you know you'll be half way there, then 3/4's way there and then at goal!!! I can't believe how quickly my 100 days have gone and one of the things thats helped me is cutting out all the packs I didn't like so that the packs don't feel like torture!! If fact all I'm eating now is a bar, mushroom soup, chicken poppadoms and a chocolate milkshake (with coffee in it) everyday. I would go so far as to say I really like those packs, so it doesn't feel too bad at all. I hope you can find a combination that works for you. Stay strong. xx


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Hi it is really hard sometimes. I found I had to focus on ways to take my mind off food and food related activites. I still find it hard to go to the cinema for example.

I went for long walks and also now you've lost weight go window shopping and just try things on. I bought myself a Karen Millen dress for a wedding that would barely go over my head to give me a goal and also a teeny designer one from ebay to keep me going.

Also get 8 bottles of 500 ml water and carry a bottle with you at all times to get it down. You can always wash and refill them each day. It breaks it down into manageable chunks. If you only drink mineral water then buy a 5 litre bottle and keep filling them up.

A change of scenery really helps. As a percentage of your life this is such a short time in which you will achieve so much and just think about those Christmas parties where you will look fabulous!

Good luck, we're all with you!

Suzy x
Thanks to everyone for the inspiring and supportive comments!! I really need this counselling session tonight to motivate me to get my back side in gear tomorrow!!

Re changing some of the packs (using recipes) to become more edible, I've tried making the poppadom from chicken soup and it was a runny disaster!!

I cannot figure out how to do it and yet as I dislike the soups a lot (really only like banana shakes and toffee bar), if I could make crisps/poppadoms from them it'd help me out a lot.

Anyone got good tips on how to get the poppadoms right??

Thanks again everyone!! :)
Hang in there! Unlike others I do it a DAY at a time cos some days are really tough but stick with it & you'll get through. You MUST have all your packs thouh because otherwise you're not getting the nutrition so you need to find a way round this - not telling you off just concerned!
If its any help I make my thai popadam (yummy!) but literally putting a couple of drops at a time then mixing it until its JUST got rid of the powder & then spoon (like a cookie mix) onto the paper (greasproof) before spreading out to the size of a large cookie (sorry but only way to explain!) and miking it. When it JUST starts to go brown let it cool (gets VERY hot) and peel off paper...you can take it off paper earlier & mike again to get crispier but I enjoy picking it off!! (sad me!). Chololate pack also works well but I think you need a crushed sweetner in as a bit bitter without....
Huge hugs for you! Hang in there girl!


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Nat you've done amazingly well not to give in and eat food. As ISOM says you need to take it one day at a time, but do try and get your 4 packs inside you, I'd hate you to be ill because you're eating so little.

Stay strong and your weight really will soon be gone.
Hey scotsnat
Pleased you're feeling a bit brighter. I'm about to start week 19 and there are weeks that just feel so much harder than others for really no reason at all. And it gets doubly tough when you start to go off some of the flavours. At the minute I can only face 4 of them but for no reason at all my deep rooted hatred of the Tai Chilli has vanished and I'm really enjoying them! Your tastes will definitely change and you'll go in and out of phases on some of the flavours so don't give it a 2nd thought.
You do need to get them all down, and the water is just vital for me. It really effects my losses in a good way. So maybe have a water plan in place for next week? Some people swear by sipping away all day, for me, I like to get some hardcore focused sessions in usually in the evenings. Find something that works for you - I'm certain you'll feel much better for it.
Keep posting :D

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