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I think its all starting to go horribly wrong....

My head is in a weird place. I have been so motivated and lost 25lbs, am just over half way to target. Am size 14 all over and feeling quite pleased with myself. But can't seem to get 'naughty' food out of my head... Today I have just wanted to eat my own arm. My salad I prepared for lunch looked rank and I managed to have my stodge in the form of jacket potato and beans and cheese although had to walk past chippy to get it. I just can't stop thinking about chips and general stodge, and cakes. Had pie and chips after weigh in last night and to be honest was nice, but not to die for, why can't I stop obsessing about food when previously I could just look at it and not be bothered???
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It's not only you - probably everyone has felt this way at some point in their diet. It's because your brain's going "Hey, I've lost all this weight. I'm not as fat as I was . . . so I can eat more junk". That way danger lies.

Try jazzing up your diet with new recipes. Salad all the time (especially in winter) is depressing. Make SW chips and blow a syn on tomato sauce with them (or - whisper it - a proper piece of bread!).

And keep telling yourself that YOU are in control. Not your stomach. You've done amazingly well. Halfway down and everyone must be telling you how much better you look. Remember the feeling of those compliments when you're tempted. Don't they feel better than pie and chips? Also, a trick I try is "I can have it tomorrow" (and living in Spain, we all know that mañana never comes . . . ). I don't feel deprived, I know I can have it "tomorrow" if I still want it.

Lastly, if you do have something, really can't resist the urge, then factor it in to your syns or step up the exercise routine.

You can do it. You've done the hardest part - getting started - don't let yourself down.
Keep going hun. u have done amazingly well and u no u can do it! we all think about 'naughty' food sometimes- maybe have a flexi syns day? or something that feels naughty but isn't...can't really think of anything now lol but I'm sure there is something out there.

Keep going! (and btw I hate salad, even in summer hehe) :)

Harrie is so right, it is because you feel and look great now so you start to relax a bit and think 'hey, I look fab, I can treat myself, what shall I have?' but believe me it is a slippery slope, keep focussed on where you want to be, if you find you can't and really feel like its slipping then why not aim to maintain for a while until you feel ready to get going again and get the rest of the weight off?

Whatever you do, don't go mad, it goes back on so easily!
so easy to slip...........and the weight goes on much much faster than it does coming off.........do a flexi day and have 30 odd syns and get it out of your system.........then back on track....good luck
Thanks y'all, given myself a bit of a talking to(lol) and going to approach things as if am a new starter. Going to plan my weeks meals tonight for the coming week using my books and mags and get ass to gym tomorrow. Found some quorn shepherds pie in freezer and had that tonight with sw chips. (Have slice of xmas cake in cupboard that brought back from work that may eat or chuck, not decided yet...)

And have decided to do race for life in June... so been planning training routes online.

That should all keep my mind busy and off stodgy food... (she hopes)


No Coffee, No Workee
Make SW chips and blow a syn on tomato sauce with them (or - whisper it - a proper piece of bread!).
I definitely agree with this - I find that comfort food can still be had within the bounds of SW and it makes a massive difference.

When I'm craving pie and chips and that kind of thing, I make loads of syn free chips and have them with beans, a fried (frylight) egg and two quorn southern fried burgers (5 syns). It feels like out and out comfort junk food, but isn't - and sometimes it really does help.
Thanks :)

Have some bowyers sausages in fridge so going to have a red day tomorrow and have big brekkie in the morning if still feel like this - sausages and eggs (and maybe some eggie bread) and beans as a HE

But tonight totally stuffed, was bit peckish after tea so just had some noodles, a mini mars bar and a choc options so hoping the moment has passed... Think Aunt Flo due so that and the freezing cold probably created my major wobble.

Have been feeling fairly good and positive lately and have had so many compliments in last couple of months, have told people to be quiet as don't want my head to explode, so don't actually know where all this has come from cos I sooooo want to be a size 12 and reach my target...
There isn't anything more that I could add that the others haven't already said Hun, except ask yourself. Do you really want that rubbish that will only give you pleasure for say 15 mins and then indigestion??! Or would you rather plan your equivalent SW meals knowing that you are still loosing weight? I know what I would rather!! Bring on the running and well done for coming so far! Xxxx
You people are all so fab :) You are all so right, I do not want to eat crap at all, I want to be at my target weight.

Back on track tomorrow, I will do this x x x
And you will huni!! You sound a lot more positive!! Xxxx
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for yesterday, am so glad I didn't shovel a load of crap food in my gob after all. Just back from a v tough step class so am going in shower and then into town to look at pretty dresses for my birthday and then a trip to aldi later on for my grub for week - all sw friendly goodies, hoorah - I'm back!!!!
pmsl at 'curry gate'!!!:D

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