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I Think I've Had a Breakthrough!


Winning a losing battle!
Well, this weekend was a planned break after 26 weeks on SS.

I had an amazing weekend with my friends and ate and drank what I wanted.

The breakthrough is that I chose the healthy options and learnt to say no when I was satisfied.

As a result, I have gained 1.5lbs which I know is water weight and will be gone in a day or so.

I am just really chuffed that I was able to really enjoy myself, eat with everybody else and not have to have the unhealthy options!

I have had e-mails from everyone today saying how good I look and how much they enjoyed the food that I had picked, they didn't realise that eating healthy could be that enjoyable!

Feeling rather pleased with myself and think I've finally turned a corner and can confidently start working up the plans knowing that I can do it - yay! :D
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Needs to stop eating!!
That is great. I cant imagine how chuffed you must feel. Well done on your fantastic weight loss so far and eating healthily over the weekend.
That's brilliant - well done you!!!! I have been the same recently, when off plan I have made sensible choices and managed to lose something every week even if it's just a lb or 2 - it's the BEST feeling! :D:D:D x


Winning a losing battle!
It really is a great feeling isn't it?! Anybody who says that CD doesn't teach you how to eat properly after you reach goal is so wrong!


Staff member
I have had e-mails from everyone today saying how good I look and how much they enjoyed the food that I had picked, they didn't realise that eating healthy could be that enjoyable!
Well done!!!:clap::clap::clap:

Love Mini xxx
Well done you! It's nice when all the hard work falls into place x
That must be such a fantastic feeling to be in control!!
I really hope that can be me one day and you've proved it is possible.

Well done xx:D:D:D


WILL be Slim!
well done hun! That is amazing progress!
We went out for a curry last night and i just had chicken and salad...and it was yummy! All for this new healthy way of life so well done!!! 26 weeks is amazing!!!
It is very strange isn't it that all of the 'healthy eating' diets that I have done over the past 25-odd years have not even come close to putting my head in the place it is now (no, not in the oven) - a good place where I can make choices and feel as though I am in control. Part of it I think is the rapid loss - as I can see results straight away, I'm less tempted to overeat and undo all of the losses I've had. I went out at the weekend to a family do and I did have a bit to eat but I stuck to low carb choices (even though there were plenty of desserts that before now I would have snorted up) and surprisingly, I was able to ignore the craving for the 'bad' things (never happened before on ANY diet).
Just a thought - I have never seen any figures for how many CD dieters regain their weight compared to dieters on other forms of diets - I bet it's no more than average and may even be less. It would be interesting if anyone has the statistics to quote to all of the doubters who try to convince us that CD is faddy/harmful/too extreme etc.
well done lizzy ive done 26 weeks now too

are you moving up the steps now?

its taken this long i have jsut gone to ss plus but still finding myself haveing ss days

i should be on 810 probably by now but just wanted to get that extra bit off as im very paranoid about putting a little on when i start moving up steps

great work on your fantastic loss
Well done. My nice GP says its 90% in the mind. When you know you have got control you are pretty much there. It then becomes a eat to live rather than a live to eat.

However getting to that point is the problem LOL its easier to say than to do.

Well done you!!


Winning a losing battle!
Thanks for all the lovely comments guys, I really do feel so in control and have my head in the right place at last. :D

Boardwitless - I did CD in 2007 and lost 54lbs, I didn't follow the steps to maintenance and was one of the people who put all of the weight back on. Maybe that's part of the reason I've managed to sort my head out this time?

Richman - no, I'm not moving up the plans just yet, I do plan to start doing so in the next week or so as I go on holiday in just under 3 weeks and want to be on some kind of eating plan before then so I don't gain huge amounts of water weight. Well done on your amazing losses too! :D
Wow, well done, you have done so well and sound like you deffinately have it sorted out in your head too. I feel like this too on this diet, it's a great feeling to be in control. xx