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i think they're gorgeous!!!!

ok, so to tell the truth, i have not been doing well this week at all.:cry:
today has been my first cheat-free day since my first WI last wednesday.:break_diet:
its the second time that I have tried the spicy tomato soup and after avoiding it after thr first time I tried it, i have just had one and it tastes lovely:D
(maybe i didnt make it right the first time?)
what does everyone else think of it?

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I love the tomato soup, it's one of the best flavours in my opinion. However the one I had yesterday seemed particularly foamy and textured on the top. Was a bit of a put off really but the soup underneath was still nice. Had the brocolli n cheese the other day and had to physically hold my nose as I poured it down my throat, it was minging! Shame as I love brocolli and cheese normally.

Purple Hugs

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I have made the tomato with water that was too hot I think as it kind of curdled... but tasted ok - just looked like milk on the turn.. :(

I use the broccoli and cheese with veggies in it :) only way I can handle it.. and the vegetable with curry powder in it! ;) I can't stand them any other way.. I won't be 'on the soups' that much longer though as they're just a winter warmer! ;)

good luck sticking to plan this week.. it works if you let it! ;)


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Did you know that you make the tomato soup slightly different?
First time i made it, it was all over the place then reading the instructions you have to put a wee bit cold water in to make a paste then add the hot water, hey presto, perfect soup!!
thats the mistake i made when i made the spicy tomato soup the first time, i didnt bother reading the packet because i thought that all the soup packs were made up the same way.
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Yeah I did that but I think it's like Purple Hugs said, i'd used the hot water too soon after boiling so had curdled it.. Will try leaving it a couple mins first next time.. x


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I love the chicken and mushroom soup!
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chicken and mushroom is the only one I can stomach, but now even that is starting to be a struggle to drink, so am having just shakes for a few weeks.
Tomato has to be made differently. Mix powder in blender with 50ml cold water then top up with boiling water (only one you can use boiling with as cold is added first). If you make up as other soups and add the wrong heat at the wrong time the acid in the tomato curdles with the skimmed milk in the packs and you can end up with a gritty frothy soup.

Mix it properly and its a lovely soup, my favourite next to leek and potato.


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the tomato is the only one i've tried but it was nice! I've got oriental chili or something to try later on, but I've got a feeling it'll be grim!


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I had the vegetable today and it was really nice. I have also got some Cheese & Brocoli but not so sure now about trying it as I had the porridge this morning and it was dire.


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Linda CD Counsellor can I just ask you a question! I've just been in another thread where they have been talking about the price of CD... I'm just wondering if I am being ripped off because I was charged £42 for a weeks supply? She said it was £2 per pack, and I have 3 a day, porridge, shakes, and soups- and one tetra in place of a shake... Sorry I know I'm going off topic but does that sound right to you? People seem to be saying it should only be about £37 :S

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