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I thinking of starting

Hi guys

I am newbie, been on cambridge for 4 weeks previously and lost almost 2 stones. Also went on lighter life and lost 6 stone. Just dont know if i can do it again. Have a holiday on June 17th in Maldives so wondering if I am setting myself upto fail as not much time. Any suggestions?

thanks for any replies

It would be good to have support from others

vicky:wave_cry: :break_diet:
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i love minimins me :)
hi vicky nice to meet u :)

the 17th of june still gives u enough time to loose at least a stone on cd, and u know this diet works for u, as it has done in th past, if ur not sure bout doing ss now how abou on of the other cd plans?

look forward to hearing of ya decison and ya weight loss

Thanks Stacey, you are an inspiration and thanks for the dietician comments typical ! Any way still contemplating, will let you know

Hey Vicky, how much do you want to lose?

I previously thought "I did it once, I don't know if I can do it again..." but I am now in week 3 and having lost 12lbs in 2 weeks, I know I can do it again!

It is just a matter of getting into the zone I think!

If you did it once, I think it means you definately can do it again!

Go for it - you can only try!
Hi notsotrim

Thats sort of what i think, but its the commitment on average i lost double figures in every first week. I just want to feel good on hols. I have 40lbs to go compared to what i had, but it still seems immpossible. I know it slows down and thats what worries me most that I start and only loose half a stone by june!

I am a worrier i suppose, 12lbs is inspiring and makes me want to do it, how long are you doing it for, do you do much exercise I found it difficult before


Hey Vicky!

Well I want to lose another 87lbs (I think!) - so probably another 6 months (OH GOD!!!)

I know, the last time I did the diet (LL) I lost 12lbs in the first week! So I was slightly sad at the lesser loss this time. But I guess I am older, and I wasn't stuffing my face prior to the start of this diet (I was last time) so there are probably a few reasons for a little less. And in LL i was drinking 7 litres a day, and I just cannot do that now (I have to get the train home from work which takes 1 hour - and I don't like peeing on a train!!!) so 4 litres is about all I manage.

But still, I expect to have lost another stone by June 17th!! So I think you definately could. I would possibly say you could do 21lb?? Possibly! And that is half of what you want to lose!

I started gym last night again. I did 10 mins walking uphill on treadmill and 10 mins on bike. I didn't want to over do it! That was enough, and the counters said I used 150 calories, so I think that is quite good!

I am determined to get the weight off, but I am not going to kill myself at the gym (of all places!) to do it! I would rather kill myself in pizza hut with an overdose of cheeeeesssssse.....mmmmmmmmmmm! Must stop thinking about that - or else I will be porky forever!

Dear Notsotrim,

Well you have made my mind up, I will start, have food from last time still in date, so
thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, will try gym and see how I feel.

I will miss food, no change there though

thanks again

I look forward to future chats with you


vicky:eek: :)

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