I took 7 kilos and I'd like to lose


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Slimming world is great you can go to meetings which i do once a week or you can do it online have a look! The best thing about slimming world is its more like a normal healthy lifestyle other than a diet there are so many free foods that we all eat daily anyway to me its a perfect healthy eating plan! But you should take a look and find one that suits you best! Good luck and remember everyone here is here to support you if needed! :)


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I have tried quite a few diets in the lsat 10 years, all of them I either gave up on in the first 2 weeks or lost some weight then gave up because I couldn't stick to them... I never enjoyed dieting and I guess that's why I always gave up. I'm now doing a plan called JUDDD and I love it, I never thought I would ever enjoy a diet but eventually I am and it's great. The losses are not fast but are enough to keep me continuing with it. I have lost 20 lb (19.75 to be exact) on this plan so far in 14 weeks and I get to eat real food and in a way I'm only dieting half of the week. Maybe check it out and see if it's a plan that could suit your life style. If not there are plenty of other plans out there you could look into, weight watchers, slimming world etc.

Good luck!


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I'd never heard of JUDDD until I joined this forum. Sounds an interesting concept tho.