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I want to be the 'old' me :)

These diaries seem to be helping people get through so that's it i'm going to join in!

Bit of background i'll try keep it short!
When i met my partner 6years ago I was a lovely 8 1/2 stone, he lived down a big hill from me so the walk up almost everynight was a great excercise. Then there was a massive fallout with my parents (which would be a whole other story!!) and I moved to live with my partner and his mother. The lack of walking and the change in meals (people have their own way of cooking and what they eat and that..) meant some weight gain.
Few years later I found out i was pregnant! After it settled in we began to be pleased about it however his mother was not! far from it! Id go out to eat in the evening and usually it would be rubbish food, and as you do in a relationship ... films...munch...weight gain!

Anyway im waffling...at my first midwife appointment i weighed 10st 3 after that i didnt look at a scales till july last year (she was born in march)
Purchased some cheap scales you know tesco value ...woop! they said i weighed 12st....started slimming worlds free online menu for 2 weeks and suprisingly lost a stone in 2WEEKS!! BUUUUT.... on purchasing digital scales we realised the old ones were wrong! id actually been 13 stone!!! and now i was 12!! carried on and lost another 7lbs over the next 2weeks gave up....not sure why!

Start of 2011 I decided yes ill start again be slim for summer...however beginning of january OH's sister became very ill and was sent to manchester hospital about 2 hours from us....swine flu!!! We had to move down to his mums house for a few weeks to look after her kids while her and her mother were away.
Shes out of hospital now and i have my time back to sort meals and so on soooo as of monday this week i started slimming world again! it was way too hard with the kids eating cakes and chocolate all the time argh! I did well dropped half a stone over the few weeks i avoided their snacks and did plenty of walking to fetch him from school.

So now 14/3/2011 - 10st 13 RESTART

I apologise this is getting a bit long but I will add from today my meals - pretty much following the free plan for this week to get back into it

I had Special K i know this is bad and all but I used it last time for breakfast and it was ok i dont like the rubbish they have for breakfasts!

AM + PM Snack
Cous cous with peppers

it's supposed to be ploughmans platter...uch! so i think it will be soup :) Butternut squash with peppers mmmm

Chicken with noodles (sw speedy chinese)

Put on my jeans that were tight few weeks back and they had a bit more give so i hope i have a good weight loss despite TOTM is trying its best to become a part of this week!

Argh sorry for the length ill try keep them down! :D
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Speedy chinese was gorgeous!! could have eaten it twice! This time round i've found the meals a lot tastier maybe its practise or the hob in the new house as thats ace!

Oooh better cut this one short sounds like an explosion in little misses nappy!
Didnt get round to an update last night. Had sweet potato wedges done in the george forman so they had lovely lines of burtness on them i love the burnt bits! With a piece of turkey and veg yuuumy!
Bit disappointed with myself this weekend weigh day in the morning and ive had half my dads cheese and onion sandwich for a snack yesterday as we were in the car and i was starving and today ive had a piece of toast with choci spread off my mum their such a bad influence i feel like ive committed a crime! food crime! had some stuffing too so i think its and afternoon on the cross trainer for me, i really want a crusty roll with my soup for tea but i must resist temptation!

Roll on morning its like waiting for xmas!!

Special K breccie
toast with choci spread mid morning - booo!
Sunday lunch
Muller light yoghurt mid afternoon

Soup for tea :) yuuum
OK so today i was a bit :( with 3lb weight loss put a lot of effort into last week BUT OH reminded me it was *week soo....hoping for bigger next week!

Did have a tiny celebration in the form of a cadburys caramel mini egg dad bought me a easter egg XD Decided to try flapjacks today as i dont use enough syns in the day i feel too bad but since these are sw ones its ok hehe!
Soup for dinner, muller light for snack maybe a cheeky piece of flapjack ina minute and then sw ships and egg for tea yummy!!
Didnt realise anyone was actually reading this!! Thank you :) thats given me a bit of a push :) ive put the aster egg back inthe cupboard haha!

On the easter egg bit.....OH has eaten half so theres jsut half left hidden for when i reach my target XD got to have something to look forward too hehe
No write what you want, trust me nobody will read it - it's highly secure here;)

After all, nobody would dream of reading someone's diary would they?


PS Did you say you were disappointed with a 3lb loss? - if so you're heading for heartache!

You'll be worse if you STS or god-forbid put on a lb!
Update - had sw chips for tea with egg and added some tikka powder for some extra taste didnt fancy peas!
Think the site needs a 'no thanks' button for some people!
Was a bit of a busy day yesterday so i'll fill in now.
Was in my mums so decided to walk from hers to town and back was a bit of a walk must be 4/5miles but i felt a lot better for it! Wish i lived back in that town now theres nowhere to walk around here! Made the sw flapjacks had one of those or was it 2..hmmm. Cereal for breakfast, little nibble on some chicken for a snack, sandwich for dinner, flapjack snack and spag bol for tea mmm.

So today cereal for breccie, cous cous snack and dinner will be made in a bit when child will stop eating my mp3 player!!! I will have the left over couscous and some ham or turkey havent decided yet! got to go child now think she can chew the laptop...

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