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I Want To Cheat :((


Skinny girl in a fat body
Well I'm on day 35 and been 100% TS for 33 days. Not a morsel has passed my lips - honest. But, I just WANT TO EAT :cry:

I very rarely weigh before weigh in day (Wednesday), but have felt heavy today so had a sneaky peek on the scales. I have lost 3/4lb (thats three quarters - NOT 3 or 4lb:(). I know I've got another 2 days before WI but that has really put me off. I had a feeling I hadn't lost much but wish I'd never weighed now. I've only got 4 weeks left until my hols and none of my clothes feel any slacker. I thought I was starting the diet in good time to loose about 2 stone - obviously not. I am so depressed now :cry::cry::cry:
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My maths is a bit pants but you have been at this for 4/5 weeks? So you are at a stage where you should / could add a meal week? That may solve your urge to eat and also and most importantly give your metabolism a boost to kick start losses again if you are "sticking"

4 weeks til your hols still gives you time to achieve amazing things and your losses in your sig are NOTHING to be sniffed at hun xx
Dont panic just yet. One of the MANY reasons I only weigh once a week is Ive found my losses tend to be at one part of the week or the other theyre not really consistent. I can have lost 4lbs in 3 days (which I did the other week) then only lost 1lb the rest of the week, or I can lose nothing by day 5 then lose 4lbs in 2 days.

Keep off the scales, stick to once a week and see how they look on Wed


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks ladies. I wasn't going to do an add-a-meal week. I never did on CD and that's just what I'm used to. However, if my loss is still not good on Wednesday then I may consider having a few days of add-a-meal. I am looking for at least 2lb.

Just to add too, I am starving, I don't know why. How can this happen on day 35?


I will never give up
what about having a cup of bouillon or even having another shake its better than eating.


Skinny girl in a fat body
Yeah, I may well do that spyro
Keep at it

I know it is hard but keep at it, just think of yout holiday. Even better at least you lost something and if you eat now, you feel better for a short while but when the weight piles on you will fill worse. Believe me I been there and wore the T-Shirt, that is why I trying again and it does not get any easier but I got that size 14 dress hanging on the wardrobe:p

Good luck
Whenever I've SS before I've never done AAM properly, yet this time I did. I found it diminished any feelings of hunger, gave me a good 3lb loss and by the end of the week I was fed up with eating. It's really opened my eyes as to why it is encouraged. That week has really made a difference to my motivation, and its allowed me to prove to myself that I can eat and remain in control.
If you do feel hungry I would recommend it, or have an extra shake either as long as it doesn't culminate in a binge. Keep going - you'll have that extra weight off in no time :)
Ooooh Noooo your post doesn't sound good Mia.!

have a cup of bouillon asda do a low salt one, i have this at 10:30.

if it doesnt work add a meal ASAP for 5 days or so then get back on TS... keep fighting.!!

we both will keep going..x


I will never give up
yep low salt bouillon really helps i was feeling it earlier and had a cup and it got me through til dinner. also sometimes green tea does the same job. keep it up your doing so well.


Skinny girl in a fat body
I'll be ok, I'll get over it. Not keen on bullion to be honest so will just ride the storm I think.


taking it 1 day at a time
Don't crack Mia, it's a slippy slope. You're doing really well. Some weeks are pants, some are good, some are great, it all evens out. Don't let one bad one throw you off the wagon.
All the best, Gina


Skinny girl in a fat body
I'm ok. It's nearly 10.00 p.m. now so I know I wont cheat now. I was hungry all day yesterday and the same again today. It's getting hard now, I dunno why. I always put myself under too much pressure and I am only on the diet for another 23 or 24 days before my holiday. I want to lose 11lb in 24 days - doable?

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