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I want to cry

Okay, so its day four and i think the diets hit me which doesnt help but i just am having the worst day ever....

First of all i had counselling for my eating etc this morning, which made me sob in there and feel a complete prat!!

Then i come home and my dad has sorted out his jeans for me, and given me the ones too big for him for me to try as i am refusing to buy clothes right now and mine are too small....i know its a kind gesture and he meant well but its made me feel like utter utter ****, being given your dads too big clothes.

Its starting to sink in that the split with the bf is for good now as it happened thurs and i think i still kinda thought we may sort it, but its quite clear we wont....

I know it sounds all so trivial but its really getting to me and all i want to do is sit and have a massive cry :cry:
Sorry for the rant!! Its just as much as my family try they just dont understand!!xxx
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Ohhhhh AND you have chosen a rubbish nickname that isn't going to help you feel good about yourself!!
Have an early bath and go to bed, snuggle down and tomorrow is a new day xxxx


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:hug99: Sometimes it is just what we need: crying. Actually, I don't understand why people see it as a sign of weakness or not coping. Crying is a way to releash tension, bad feelings, etc and prevent them to eat us from the inside. So cry, there is no shame in that.

I know how you feel about your dad's clothes, but think that soon they will fall off you!:) The important thing is that you are doing something about it. We are all here to help you, not just for problems related to the diet.

I send you a HUGE virtual hug hun.

Elie xx
I know its not the greatest name, but it just signified how i felt when i joined, im hoping over time ill feel less inclined to think that....

Yeah i should do that i sound such an idiot, everyone else has been doing it weeks and heres me moaning 4 days in!!

Thank you though :) xxx
Just seen your post elie, thank you, crying is not something that my family really do so my parents would think id flipped if i sat there wailing lol....but thank you and ill try and keep positive.

On the up, as ***** as i feel ive not thought about breaking the diet and getting comfort in my pack of vienesse biscuits (well i hadnt till i thought of them lol)

Thank you again xxx


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I indeed think that a new username is what you need :D

Elie x

PS: when I feel bad, I always pamper myself, or I clean (although I realise it may not be everyody's idea of relaxing:p). These are the new ways I found (so far) to deal with my worries without rushing to the kitchen for food.


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Pierce is the "techie person" on here, and he can change your username.

And WELL DONE for not thinking about breaking the diet :D. You can do it girl, you REALLY can.

Elie xx
Pierce is the the technical man behind the site, he can help you change your user name. You can ask down in the technical section and he will help hun.
Ohhhhh i see....maybe i should think about changing. I really do mean this everyone, might sound a bit of a sap but its really helped being able to vent and get a response so quickly from people going through the same as me diet wise...which to me is a big thing the diet!
So thank you all very very much!
Also apologies for the stars, i didnt realise i was writing anything bad. must be the mood!!


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venting is so good :D

If it had not been for minimins, I'd still be very unhappy in my fatsuit :D.

Elie xx
Hiya, you are probably at the hardest point in the diet .... headaches, hunger and ketosis all at the same time. Hopefully the worst will be over and tomorrow will be a better day.

Look forward to your weigh-in, because there is nothing as inspiring as seeing those pounds drop off :eek: ..... :):):).

I think you must have been in the same mood as I was when I chose my nickname ;). I quite liked yours, I wish I'd thought of it.

Hope you are feeling happier now.
Actually I quite liked your user name too. BUT I can see it sits on a very fine edge, and therefore have to fall into the 'change it' camp!

Life does dump on you loads of times, it's a pity it didn't read the manual on CD/LL/LT, SS and ketosis otherwise it would have left you alone for a week.

Big hugs to you.:gen126:
Thanks everyone....im feeling a bit better though i had my soup which was revolting lol....think talking about your feelings(it was my first sessions) and voicing things that have only ever been voiced in your head before makes them seem more real....and that bloody ex!!
And big birday your right, shame that the things that overwhelm you dont choose their better moments to do so haha!
Another thing thats getting to me is that i dont "feel" slimmer- an absolutely absurd comment because what can i expect in 4 days lol...but you know how it is want results now lol. But i will reach my target, whatever happens!
Thank you again everyone i really mean that!xxxx

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