i want to join a gym but im scared


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ive been to the local Cannons today, to have a nosey to see what its like.

ive never joined a gym in my life before. last year i spent all year saying 'i will go swimming next week, but i never did.

i dont enjoy excercise, i find it a real chore.

but i know that i should do some.

anyway, their member ship is £40 PM. for 12 months. no initial joining fee. looks like a nice place. easy to get to. free parking.

there was all ages and shapes and sizes there when i went.

but im still unsure

has anyone joined a gym?
do you make use of it?
how often do you go?
do you do some of the areobic classes?
have you seen a difference in your body shape?

any advice would be great. as im scared of looking a twit down there

and im also worried about joining and then not using it, and therefore wasting my money

If you don't enjoy exercise, why not try something other than the gym? Or go to some group fitness classes e.g. aerobics, Spinning, Body Combat etc. at a council gym (so you don't have to pay for membership) to see what suits you before signing up for a membership somewhere like Cannons? (although if there is no minimum term, fine, but I have a feeling that Cannons make you commit to a year)

Personally, I love the gym and it's made a big difference to me and to my figure, but that's just me. I love using the gym and I love group exercise classes. If you don't, why put yourself through the misery? Find something you truly enjoy instead. If you hate it, will you really stick to it?
Hey Jo, I havent joined a gym recently, but when I lived in Dublin I was a member of one and used to go about 4 times a week...it was great! I dint actually lose any weight but I did notice that I was a lot fitter so I was obviously doing something right!

Unfortunately, I didnt drive at the time and had to depend on getting someone to mind my daughter and drop me there and pick me up, so I stopped going after about 6 months.

Would love to join a gym again, unfortunately my circumstances dont allow me to!
Hiya Jo

If you want to feel the benefits of exercise such as more toned body, better sleeping patterns, increased energy and fitness then there are other alternatives to the gym that will achieve the same results.

There are already a couple of threads running about "Exercise" one posted within this forum by Curvy Chicken and another by myself within the Chit Chat forum. As you will notice in these threads...."exercise" is about increasing the movement of your body! Anything that causes you to move your body more and increase your heart rate is exercise...

Also for exercise to be truly beneficial you have to do it for a sustained period of time...if that's the case you may as well do something you enjoy! Anything springing to mind at the moment!! ;) :p Remember not everyone is inspired by a room full of sweaty strangers that you already think are fitter than you!

Having said that, walking, cycling, dancing are all excellent types of exercise....what about a new hobby? Or even doing something at home such as one of the new fitness DVD's that we are bombarded with at this time of year.

It may also be worth checking out the cost of a personal trainer....they are not always as expensive as you may think. Then you;ve got one-to-one attention, challenges and consistency....

Let us know what you decide, Jo....:)
I'm a member of Cannons and have been for 14 years!
I love it. It is my escape from the world. Don't just use at as somewhere to do hard exercise, that was my mistake at first. It is somewhere to relax and socialise whilst getting healthier and fitter!
Make sure you pamper yourself in the steam & sauna.
I found that starting a regular class was my best attack as you meet lots of people who advise you on their favourite classes and then you meet even more people and before you know it, the exercise becomes part of the socialising. Everytime a new gym opens in the area I go and have look, blag a a free guest pass to try it out. None of them, for me, have matched the friendly atmosphere of Cannons.
Love to hear how you get on.

I hated going to the gym so now a group of us hire out the local village hall for a couple of hours every wednesday, taking a dvd player & projector and we spend the time doing exercise dvd's (using gym balls, dumbells and exercise mats)

We have a laugh and get fit at the same time - it also has the advantage of being cheaper than the gym.:)
Lenny4974....that's an ace idea!
I joined a gym when I got to goal. I had been a member of another one, but got bored.

I like this one though. It has fitlinx system which records everything you do, sends me fancy emails which tell me how many elephants I've lifted in total:D It also ranks me against other ladies my age that attend (no names mentioned). Bit like playing in the arcade really :D

I also like the fact that I can always book an appointment with my gym instructor to have my challenges changed. Just got to press the appropriate button on the machine. There's also a reward system when you've earned so many points. All very motivational.

But....I still wouldn't do it if there wasn't a TV to watch whilst I'm there. I get bored so quickly, but find time flies on the xtrainer/dreadmill etc if I'm watching a good programme. Neither would I do it if I didn't have these challenges that I try to meet.

I agree with Kate though, if you don't like it, there's so many other things you could do instead.

BTW...about watching TV whilst you there...I often think how great it would be if we had to earn home TV time by treadmilling the power to make it work :D Not sure how I would like that after a hard day at work though. Fab idea for kids though eh?
ohhh quick responses, thanks girls

i did find Cannons friendly and relaxed. i can imagine myself there socially, it would be a great way to meet people i guess.

the pool/sauna/jacuzzi looked very appealing...as did the coffee shop.

the gym itself was very nice, and i must say i diddnt feel intimadated.it hada nice atmosphere

the do have personal trainers there, which cost an addittional £30 per hour which i wont be using

they did say they will design a 'programme' specifically for me.

i guess £40 pm is not a lot really, considering ive cut down on my smoking a lot with the intention of giving up..so what i wasted on fags i can use on the gym.

what does one wear to the gym? im not into designer gear.
ive got a decent pair of trainers, and a sports bra crop top thing that keeps the oobies in place. so is leggings and tshirt ok?

im kinda almost tempted....
the other thing i liked is, i dont have to book myself in.

i just go when i want

i hate making appointments cause i always forget, and i feel pressurised to keep the appointment. for example: which is why i cant do a aerobics class at 7.30 on a Tues night.....i wouldnt remeber to go, until it was bedtime, and then i would think ohhh damm. i missed that!

the finincial adviser had to phone me again yesterday because i had forgotton ANOTHER appointment...im useless

(My job involves being at specific places at specific times, so i think i subconcuiously rebel against this when it comes to personal stuff!!)

so the benefit here is i can go whenever i like, when ever ive got a bit of spare time
Just wear whatever you are comfortable in. There are only two essential pieces of gear: a good sports bra (if you have inadequate support beware - once the Coopers ligaments are stretched there is no way to repair the damage) and a good pair of trainers. Different types of shoes provide different support for different exercise, so for example if you're planning to do any running you need trainers that prevent heel strike shock. If you're planning to do aerobics etc. you need lateral support. If you're mostly doing non impact stuff e.g. cycling, cross trainer, weights then your trainers don't really matter.
ohhh Karion, i like the idea of knowing how many elephants ive lifeted.....that would appeal to me :)

Does me too. How very sad :)

My last report said that in the month of December I burnt 5537 calories equalling 15 icecream sundaes

I also lifted 33561.6 kgs equalling 9.2 African Elephants (guess the .2 was the calf?? :D)

I came 3rd compared to other ladies my age at my gym, but some embarrasing number compared to all ages across the country using fitlinx.

But I do get the message from my instructor every time I log on saying "well done! You have met your challenges this last month. Contact us if you feel they need changing".

Okay...except for last time when it said "hey you! you haven't been for a while...what are you playing at!!!"

Well...not those exact words, but I have told the story on here already :)
Hmm, I joined bannatynes last July, purely for the use of the pool! I was surprised how many ladies(and men) in their 40's, 50's and beyond enjoy a daily swim and I soon became one of them. I have averaged 4 swims a week although have not been since before Christmas due to a nasty cold. However I will soon be back to it. I say do it - but only if you can find something there that you LIKE to do, other wise get 40quid and set light to it - because if you don;t liek it you won't do it! I tell myself how lucky I am to be able to go for a lovely swim in such a super pool, how priveledged I am to be able to go when I want to. I think this has gradually sunk in and now I really do feel like pool time is 'me' time and I always, always feel better for it!
Hope that helps!

well. ive decided.
im going to do it.

ive even bought some new leggings and top, and am off at 11am to sign up. my 1st assesment is tomorrow evening. so wish me luck


After prograstinating about it myself for months now. I'm going to start the gym this week too!

I'll drop by later and see how you get on, maybe we can compare notes this week.

Dizzy x
Good on ya! Keep us posted. :)
i am totally NOT the gym joining type but i got a joint membership to a place called imara with my hubby (only £30 a month for joint membership...bargain!!)

I have to say, its really goos and i go 2 or 3 times a week. usually 3 times and if i could get to go more often i would.

i find its about 50/50 for being fatties and skinnies in attendance tho i still get a bit nervous walking in. everyone is great though and i think everyone respects anyone trying to be healthy no matter what their shape. its just getting out of the mind frame that u dont "fit-in". well that was/is my problem anyways!

i just think to myself that i will get to goal faster by going and every week i go i will be smaller than the week before.

i bought loads of pairs of Asda trakky bottoms as they were only £3 a pair and come in grey, blue and black. they r good quality too. i just wear a t-shirt and a sports bra (otherwise i may injure myself...or god forbid...someone else!) I am mindful not to knock someone over with a low flying boob as that would be a tad humiliating lol.
i got my leggings from Asda yesterday. theyre are lighter lycra 3/4 length ones. quite nice actually for £8

it was hilaroius in Asda yesterday, all the tills were down, the scanners, the payment facilities and even the power went off at one stage!
the queues were huge, and at 3.30 they decided to 'estimate the cost of your shopping'...its was like a market stall. they bundled all the veg together, and said 'a fiver? are you happy with that? then they guestimated the prices of everthing else you had. eg loo rolls £3, cat food£2 a box, beans/soup etc anything canned, 3 tins for £1... they couldnt add all the indivdual proces up as no one knew the cost of anything
one bloke in front of me had 4 big pizzas, and the till operator said £1 each!

then you couldnt pay, cause the card payments were off line, and they had the old fashioned machine with the paper slip...

i reckon some people got right bargains if you had a trolly full of food. Asdas losses must have been huge yesterday afternoon.

wish i had done a bigger shop!!