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I want to lose weight because ...

Discussion in 'Slimming World Off Topic' started by Maw Broon, 7 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Maw Broon

    Maw Broon Full Member

    I started SW on 2nd Jan and feeling really motivated at the moment. I keep having thought about why I want to lose weight and what the differences will be for me when I do. So, before I forget them all, I thought I would start a place to jot them down as I think about them. Then I can look back when I am struggling.

    So to start with, I want to lose weight because...

    - I will feel happier
    - I will be able to buy nice new clothes without continually thinking there is no point buying anything new until I lose weight
    - I will be able to wear a dress without having to cover up the tops of my arms
    - I will feel I am setting a good example to my daughter
    - I will look like one of those women I envy who look so good in clothes and healthily slim
    - I will not feel embarrassed in the swimming pool
    - I will buck the trend on my mother's side of the family by being slim!
    - I will not hate seeing a fat face and double chin in the mirror
    - I will not be embarrassed to be seen naked and feel more sexy!
    - I will improve my IBS
    - I will improve my sleep apnoea

    How is that for starters? To be continued as things occur to me ...
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  3. kellykelly

    kellykelly Full Member

    Your objectives are really motivating, i might do this myself to remind me every time i feel like caving in. I found a brill little quote today which i know will help

    'Are your excuses more important than your dreams?'

    Hope this helps you too x
  4. Maw Broon

    Maw Broon Full Member

    That's great. Yes, my excuses have been more important than anything up to now! My head has continually told me I can start tomorrow - EVERY DAY!!

    Feel free to add your list here, would help me to see why other people want to lose weight as will be lots I have not thought of.

    Good luck!
  5. Rhianny2244

    Rhianny2244 Full Member

    That is a brilliant quote! Might have to use that as my mantra! What a good idea to write down all your reasons! I think I might do that in my new diary! Best of luck x
  6. Desperately Dieting

    Desperately Dieting Full Member

    Fab list, I'll think on mine ;^)
  7. kellykelly

    kellykelly Full Member

    Thanks, I will add my reasons later, love this idea. I have started a ********* board for my daily motivation for any pinners out there.
  8. Maw Broon

    Maw Broon Full Member

    Anyone any more reasons to add for extra motivation?

    Adding today:

    - I will have thin ankles instead of bloated chunky ones!
  9. Maw Broon

    Maw Broon Full Member

    And my stomach won't poke out the water when I am lying in the bath!
  10. babycake

    babycake Please kick my butt!!

    I thought I'd share mine with you if that's ok.

    -to live to see my grandchildren
    -to be a role model to those who say they can't
    -to be able to ride my motorbike
    -to not be ill all the time
    -to stand in front of my old classmates (using the term mates loosely) and them to not recognise me!!!
    -to walk into any shop and see myself in those awful mirrors and be like 'OMG I'm gorgeous'
  11. Maw Broon

    Maw Broon Full Member

    Brilliant! Love your reasons.

    The shop mirror one is so true for me too.

    - I will be happy in a shop changing room with surround view mirrors!

    Anyone any more?
  12. Maw Broon

    Maw Broon Full Member

    I will have sexy, enviable curves instead of a muffin top that hangs over the top of jeans
  13. yoyo1986

    yoyo1986 Full Member

    To feel comfortable in a pair of skinny jeans and not have to worry about wearing a baggy top to hide the flubber lol!!

    Also to be a role model for my children, my mum has always been a big lady and im so proud of her for losing over 100lb but she wishes she had done it earlier in life, I dont want my children to be ashamed of me!
  14. babycake

    babycake Please kick my butt!!


    Good one

    -to wear knee high boots comfortably without having to get stretchy ones
  15. Anti222

    Anti222 Full Member

    Love this thread! Some of mine are:

    - To not suffer for a week after wearing heels for an hour
    - To have the confidence to wear a dress...any dress but in particular ones shorter than my ankle length
    - To stop pretending to be scared of rollercoasters because I don't want to risk the embarrassment of having to get off because the harness won't fit
    - To look straight down and see the floor!
  16. Maw Broon

    Maw Broon Full Member

    So glad other people are adding to this - it's great to read. I think I can identify with them all!

    I have never been able to wear heels (not that I have much desire to at 5ft 9" but never thought that it could be a weight thing. Be interesting to see if I can wear them WHEN ( not if!) I am much lighter.
  17. Maw Broon

    Maw Broon Full Member

    - To go shopping for nice new underwear that doesn't cut into my back all the time
  18. babycake

    babycake Please kick my butt!!

    -to not look at stairs and wish there was a lift
  19. Maw Broon

    Maw Broon Full Member

    Ha! Good one
  20. babycake

    babycake Please kick my butt!!

    -to look at a chair and not think 'will i fit'
    - to not need an extender belt when i fly
  21. neraksarrab

    neraksarrab Full Member

    to be slim & fit again...simples...!!

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