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I weigh HOW much??!!! 10 stone to go :)

Hi guys!!!

I joined up yesterday after lurking for a while.
Weight has always been an issue for me. I swam competitively for 10 years, when I stopped swimming at 18 [discovered alcohol, boys, ect], I started to put the weight back on as I was no longer swimming twice a day.

As the years went on, I was putting on more and more weight... and I've ignored it. My mum keeps moaning at me and it just went in one ear and out the other!

At the weekend I was doing a photoshoot [I'm a photographer in my spare time] and we were in a derelict factory. All of a sudden a group of young kids appeared... we scarpered and I've never ran so fast in my life. It was horrible though, made me realise just how unfit I was. Fifteen minutes later I was still out of breath. I got home and thought about it, why have I not done something about my weight and health earlier? I guess I've been too lazy.

I went to Asda and bought scales and was shocked to see them hit almost 20 stone. I knew I was heavy but no THAT heavy!! Reality Check time. As of NOW I have a new additude and reading the stories on here has certainly made me think lots about what I'm going to do from now on.

My target is to lose 10 stone by January 2011.
I've set this as my homepage on my laptop and and at work - I work in an office and have a lovely fruit bowl which I'm tucking into as I speak!

I'm also going to get back into my swimming, 64 lengths is 1 mile, I used to do that in less than 30 minutes back in the day, I aim to get to do the same, mind you I've not swam in about 2 years!!

It's the Slimming World plan I'm on, mostly Green days, my boyfriend is a vegetrarian and he mostly cooks for me, so green days are perfect.

I'm really excited now about this and like I say, I know I have the support of the folk on here and if I'm having a bad day I know I can count on you to put the smile on my face =]

Right... Off to set some mini goals!!

Laura :D

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welcome to the forum , its kool that you have minis as your homepage will keep you foccused maybe ill do that too :p..

goodluck on your journey xxx
Can I just say....
You are amazing, what you have done!!! I noticed your pink hair picture on a post and I was like OMG that girl has done so well!!!! And I'm soooo excited about doing this hehe
Laura =]
good =] coz if ure excited then it means you will prob do really really well xx

thankyou for the compliments but we are all fighting the same issues here so i guess we are all amazing :p.



Go on smile! =)
Goodluck on your weightloss, you can do it! x
your gunna be fine and you know where to find me if you need help :) x
i knowwww i am :p haha im kiddin xx
Ooooh GOD today my work is FULL of Marks & Spencer buffet food!!
HAhahaa we have some Norwegians over so it's really to keep them happy!
But sausage rolls , pork pies, chicken kebabs, peanuts, crisps & dips, muffins, are everywhere eeeeek. But do not fear, I am not even tempted.

My desk is full of fresh fruit and after seeing a programme on what goes into pork pies [pigs hoofs :D] I dont even want to go there! Lol .

If I can get through today without stealing some Marks & Spencer goodniss, I will be a happy girly =]
haha im sure you will be fine , let us know how you get on girly =]

i watch a lot of food programs and really its shocking what goes into some stuff xx
and rightly soooo wohoooo well done x
I got weighed today!!!
Down...... 18 lbs :D
LOL wtf!
I didn't even know that was possible.

But to be honest, i've stuck to my diet plan 100% this week.
Wanted to make sure I could do it.
Ate copious amounts of fruit, drank at least 2ltr water a day, NO alcohol [downside], no crisps, 30 minute daily walk....
And it's paid off! I couldnt believe it when I stood on the scales this morning YAYYYYYYY happy Laura.
Wow, have you lost 18lb in one week. Did you starve yourself to do that? I feel really bad now, I have been messing around for months at slimming world, and haven't even managed half a stone.

You are amazing.
I know!! I am in shock/confused!
I've just been on green days and filled up on lots of rice, pasta, couscous, potatos, etc.
I work in an office monday to friday so i have this amazing fruit bowl i pick on constantly! And a never ending water cooler :D
:p way to go xx
That is AMAZING! Well done! You def deserve that! Goodluck with your journey-you're gonna do fabulously!

Feels good doesnt it :D to be so excited about not wanting to eat bad stuff :D how are you holding up??