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I WILL Be A Skinny Bride!!

Well here goes ... I have my wedding booked for just under 11 months and i keep saying I will lose weight .. Well its creeping up pretty quickly and if anything I've put more on. I followed slimming world back in 2008 ready for a holiday and I lost about 2 stone .. Now I'm even heavier than before and I'm really not liking it! I have just under 2 months until i order my dress so whatever size i am then i will buy a size smaller ... Because I WILL fit into it!
Anyway I'm looking forward to getting the support from all you inspirational people :).
I will have my first weigh in tomorrow morning and will post everyday to keep me on track!
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Thank you BuzzyBe .. No not always i think it depends on the shop and where they order them from ... Im guessing mines coming from Hong Kong or China or somewhere as they said it will take about 6 months to come in .. then they allow 2-3 months for alterations .. But im going back to the shop with my mum on monday and i might ask to order it later. Im currently a 16 but the dress i tried on was a 16 n it was too small!! But my slimmer sister tried on a 14 bridesmaids dress n it was too small... This made me feel better lol! Hope plannings not too stressful for you!!
Im going to be getting married next July, so am too trying to get down to as small as possible!! Im going to try on dresses on 27th Aug, so hope to have lost at least 1/2 stone by then, so wont feel like a heffer trying the dresses on. Im new to this site, so finding it hard working my way round all the posts etc, i have no idea where to start or even who to turn to for support! Had 2nd weigh in today and lost 2.5lb... Amazing conisdering i drunk 2 bottles wine sat night, then demolished a LARGE dominos pizza!! xxxxxx
I was the same i didnt want to try any on i went bridesmaids dress shopping and my sister begged me to try one on and i loved it! Minus the wobbly bits!! Im new to this site too zoey .. so we can work it out together .. I was going to start monday but looking round on here made me want to start now! So i skipped the galaxy pot pudding tonight :) and im makin lunch for tomorrow ... We can do this x
Ive got the 2008 starter pack red/green which is good for me i also buy the mag every month and this website is amazing .. I also have an amazing bunch of work friends who also want to lose weight and we support each other! Which is good!
Well tonight ladies, i had SW chips with baked beans and quorn sausages... yummy but the quorn saus now have syns,boo! My biggest downfall is wine, ive just put baby tobed and really could have a glass or two!

Im really excited about trying my dresses on, just to get a feel for them and hope itll make me more motivated too.

Congratulation on your engagment BuzzyBee.... !!

Yumyum ... I love slimming world chips with beans ... So ive weighed in this morning at 197lbs :( and i will be 148lbs by the time i get married ... Will post my food diary later before i go to bed. Ive been really good all day and i havent even thought about cheating once! xx
Day 1 - Green Day
Breakfast - 28g readybrek (HEXB) Semiskimmed Milk (HEXA) and a Banana.
Lunch - Pasta with tomato and bacon sauce (3Syns) extra bacon (HEXB) Apple
Dinner - Jacket Potato with Beans and 28g Cheese (HEXA)
Snacks - Strawberries and Raspberries, Grapes, Asda Cheese Curls (3.5 Syns) Kitkat (5.5Syns)

Total Syns 12
day 2 - Green Day
So far today ...
Breakfast - 28g Readybrek (HEXB) Semi skimmed milk (HEXA) and a banana.
Snack - Strawberries, Raspberries, Red grapes, White grapes.
Lunch - Pasta, tomato and basil sauce (3Syns) 6 cherry tomatoes, 28g cheese (HEXA) and an apple.
Snack - handful of raspberries.
So dinner yesterday ended up being egg chips and beans, then cheesy curls(3.5) and a pack on mini toffee fingers (5)

Total syns (11.5)
And drank alot of water!!

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