I wont ever wake up thia fat again

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I have been reading quite alot of posts on this site over the week and thought I would say hi. Today is the first day of my journey and I am emotionally in the right place to start... I have 5 stone to lose of which 1.5 of which has joined me over the past 6 months. Time to get my body in shape and looking after myself x slimming world here I come :)

Little miss wanna be thin
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I have just joined too!! It seems like a nice supportive place doesn't it?!

I know what you mean, for ages various people have been saying I should lose weight or (and I really hate this) I am nice now but if I lost weight I'd be really pretty (what a horrid thing to say) but until it clicks in your own mind that you are ready to do it you just can't.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing about your progress!! xx


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Hi and welcome. you will find lots of support on here. good luck on your weight loss journey :) x


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Welcome to the forum :)


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Good luck and stay strong! (especially over the Christmas period)
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Hi Everyone! What a great site this is. I started on my weight loss journey back in May. I decided to do the slimming world plan from some old books I had bought from a friend of mine about 6 years ago. I figured if they worked for her then they can work for me now! Anyway after just over 6 months on the plan and I am not saying I have never had bad days or anything I am 47 pounds lighter. After about 2 months of doing the plan I decided to start some exercise at home. Dug out all my old exercise videos (yes that is correct, videos!) and started with 20mins and have worked up to 3-4 times a week around an hour at a time. I can definitely say that I feel the difference having lost this weight. I am very near my 1st target, which was to get to the upper end of a healthy bmi. Just hope the motivation stays with me!


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As slimmerthanbefore says it can be done. SW works - and if you add in exercise - it's so much easier to loose. The forum is great for inspiration, motivation and even what to have for dinner.
Good Luck and well done on being so committed.