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  1. Charltonjules

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    Hi my names Julie.....I am going to my first LL class on Tuesday 11th, got my form signed by the doctor today who was no support at all. He said if I wanted to waste my money then that's up to me. Hope I am doing the right thing now. I just need to shed this weight, would like to lose about 5 or 6 stone. :confused:

    Thank you all for your great support, can't wait to get started.
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  3. Pinkie :)

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    Hey Charltonjules and welcome!

    I'm a relative newbie myself, with only 5 weeks under my belt so far... but have similar amount to lose as you, about 5 stone! daunting isn't it?

    However, it will work, that's the great things about it! Stick to it, and the weight will drop off! I'm already 1 and a half stone down... certainly quicker results than on any other diet I've done up until now! ;)

    As for your doc, mine showed me a similar attitude! Despite the fact that my blood pressure was dangerously high when he tested it, and he knew full well, if I was to lose weight, it would help it significantly! Still, I didn't need his approval, just his signature! Hehe... and here I am!

    You're gonna be buzzing, trust me... You are totally doing the right thing! :)
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  4. Mini

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    Welcome Julie:welcome2:

    Not sure why some doctors are negative about this type of diet for if followed correctly has produced amazing benefits health wise and enabled people to get back on track with their lives again.

    If you can, it really helps to cut down on the carbs at least a few days before as it will help with the withdrawals and you will go into ketosis much quicker.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your weight loss journey and I hope you enjoy your LL meeting next Tuesday!

    If you need any help please ask:)
  5. laurasaurus

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    Welcome Julie!

    Doctors can be so discouraging - grrr, it makes me cross!!! You are TOTALLY doing the right thing for you and you can go back and give him a big "ner ner ner ner ner" once you've lost your weight!!

    Here's to your new journey and a new you!

  6. maximoo

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    Hiya and welcome Julie

    I and my daughter had the same thing with our doctor and although my daughter was morbidly obese he argued about signing the form as he said it was a waste of money, well that was at the begining of October and now she is 7st 2lb lighter! I have started today myself (i've done the diet before) and I can tell you that this diet does work if you stick to it, so don't worry and you can come on here and get support when you need it :) xxmaximooxx
  7. Jezebella

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    Welcome and enjoy the ride of your life :)

  8. Sean(JSF)

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    Welcome Charltonjules,

    I'm more a lurker than poster these days but felt compelled to echo sentiments above. Your choice to lose weight, your decision on how to do that best. Doctors should be pleased that we take control (and don't become a burden on the NHS).

    Mine were similarly dismissive at the start but as blood pressure and weight dropped, they began to come round & were even taking an active interest towards the end of the plan.

    Enjoy the ride, if your head's in teh right place it could just be the best decision you ever take!
  9. slendablenda

    slendablenda Gold Member

    Welcome Julie

    Hopefully you can see from some of the inspirational stories on here that LL can be life changing. It certainly has been for me.
    Also the number of people who return to use LL to keep weight under control shows that they trust it.
    Yes, there are people who have put all their weight back on - as there are with all types of dieting.
    LL is miraculous at helping you lose weight. For me the difference from other diets was the mix of VLCD (very low calorie diet) with the psychology help as well as support from others in the group and on this forum. Total package.
    The only way to keep the weight off is to totally re-vamp your relationship with calories (food and alcohol). The abstinence from food gives you that opportunity.
    I believe that continuing with Route to Management to reintroduce food after you reach your goal is a crucial part of the success of the programme.
    Good luck. I hope you will find you are happy with the choice you've made.
    I look forward to seeing your success. You'll be amazed how quick it is. It's not a waste of money-it's an investment in YOU and your life.
  10. muppetgirly

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    I agree with SB I Have done SW and WW in the past and got bored with it and put weight back on. LL has been so quick I'm still motivated and adamant that it will stay off.

    At the end of the day I don't think it's anything to do with the way you lose the weight (as long as it's controlled) because if you don't change your behaviour nothing will change
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