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I would really like a Buddy

Hi Jarvisolat,

I started today :) I'll be on the boards a lot over the next few weeks.

I'll send you a friend request so we can keep in touch?
Hi xConfusedx, That would be great, I will look out for the request, may take me a while as im only just getting the hang of how this site works, being a Newbie...

So this is your first day? how is it going so far?? Have you ever done TFR diets before??

I havn't this is the first time, & I really need it to be a success.
I did another VLCD about 2 years ago and lost around 4 stone.

I've tried exante a couple of times but my head wasn't in it. This time will be different!

I'm not too hungry so far. Once day 3/4 is out of the way, we'll be flying :D
:sign0144: Hi, i've just started wk 3 but am looking for other newbies to spur me on and likewise me support them :) sent me friend requests and let the journey begin x
hiya and good luck with the diet...you will find loads of support from everyone on here ...we are all in this together lol...Dont be shy to post and ask questions...everyone likes to help with whtever it is they can...Also start i diary in the diary thread...It really helps keep you focused and record ya good and bad days etc...And take ya measurements ASAP if ya havent already hun...If them scales dont budge its very reasuring to see the inch loss instead xx
Okay! I've not, no. VLCD virgin lol! Its hard at break time in the office as a Deli comes everyday and tempts me. But I've been having a 'boullion' drink twice a day to help? Is that allowed? Or should I stop now before i really rely on it? xx


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Im not sure on exante but i think on TS u can only have the packs & bars. I did LL in past & werent allowed anything.

Best to leave it out till u know 4 sure i think

Hello 1 & All,

Thanks for all your well wishes.. It's reasuring to know that I will not be enduring this journey alone.. I have never done a VLCD before so I just dnt know what to expect...

Well today is my first day and it's going okish so far... I can't lie I am so very very starving!! & keep getting little devilish thoughts encouraging me to take a bite of this and that... However, I have not succumbed to these temptations!! Honestly i am ravished tho (even cardboard seems appealing right about know).. I hope that tomorrow will be better/easier...

As for the Boullion drink.. Im looking to invest in some.. Please say it is ok.. I think I need it to take the edge off lol

Anywho.. other than that so far so good, only time will tell... (it will all be worth it *she says*) lol

Well, I will be TS'ing for the next 11 days, so will keep ya allll company :D
I have a friend who did LL and she was allowed a limited amount of Boullion, so I don't know! I've emailed Exante Cust Service to ask their opinion. So will let you know! xxx
Good luck newbies I'm sure you all do just grand and remember any questions just shout! xx


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Yeh that would be good 2 know about the boullion. Btw im reading alot about coke zero. R we really allowed to have it on TS? Does it affect ketosis?
Any one heard or know amything?
Can I joing your buddy group? I started TS yesterday. No doubt I'll hit a few bumps along the way, but I'm hoping to see it right through to the end.
Yeh that would be good 2 know about the boullion. Btw im reading alot about coke zero. R we really allowed to have it on TS? Does it affect ketosis?
Any one heard or know amything?
Coke zero or Dr pepper zero is not thought to affect ketosis, as it does not contain citric acid. Although, it is the general consensus that both should be drunk in moderation, and not replace your water intake :)
Hope this helps
Marge :)