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Ia anyone else different?

Hi hunny's

Right im in week 3 of this diet and im finding it bl**dy hard, im starving all the time and its not emotional its hunger, i drink 3.5 litres or more of water a day. I hate all the food packs, non taste right neither do the bars, and it really upsets me that everyone on here seems to be able to sail through this, im finding it such a challange to stay on it everyday. Please say there is someone out there just like me? :cry:

Nessy xx
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First of all, I think it's safe to say that no one sails through Sole Source. Although some may have adjusted quicker than others, we are all fighting our battles. I still feel physical hunger but have learned to totally ignore them. For me, there's no choice as to whether or not I'll stick to this diet, I have to. This was literally my last chance before surgery.

We all get our motivation from different sources, and we all get really terrible weeks. I'm in my 12th week and would love nothing more than to pig out on some junk food but it's not an option for me.

I hope you start to feel a bit more optimistic about it, please feel free to PM me if you need help xx
Sorry to hear you are having such a tough time. I am just about to start week 3 and I although I am not actually hungry, I still want "proper" tasty food! It is a constant effort not to pick at food and food smells still make me feel like munching. It certainly does take willpower, but the thought of going on summer holiday and being permanently hidden under a sarong again is what keeps me going.
You have had a great loss so far, keep going!
Sorry you're feeling so down. I can assure you that I am absolutely not sailing through it and every day is a battle. It's not as bad as the first week but it's still a major challenge to stick with it. I just take each day as it comes and try to get through one week at a time. There's no question that it's hard. So many people I speak to say they could never do it but actually anyone can if they really set their mind to it and WANT to do it. I think you DO want to do it as otherwise you wouldn't have stuck it this long. You are doing amazingly so grit your teeth, pat yourself on the back for what you've acheived so far and keep that image of a slimmer healthier you in mind and you WILL get there. Keep your chin up hun.xx


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nessy sorry to hear that you are having a rough time, like you i am on week 3 and finding it hard, I have lost nearly a stone and nobody has noticed yet and i am gutted, I have been off work for nearly 3 weeks and I am hoping that maybe someone will notice when i go back, I have found that the chocolate and orange bars and the caramel ones are what keeps me going, and also the chocolate shakes but then i do like chocolate which was my problem in the first place. put the bars in the fridge and they last longer and they make you feel as though you have physically eaten something. Keep going hun we will get there


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Sorry to hear how hard you find it, its bloody hard for all of us i think i too dont like the food much but i tell myself its like a medcine that is making me thin i drink the shakes quick and tell myself one shake closer to goal, you are doing well keep it up
this is my second time of doing SS and the first time after my initial week i sailed through, never felt hungry, it was a breeze i couldnt see why people cheated. this time however after having my baby i am struggling like you, i WONT cheat but i think about food all the time, i have too much determination to give in now. i have my own reasons to why i want to stick it out till the end, im sure you must have reasons for wanting to shift the weight. maybe drink the shake quickly like others have said and think of these reasons and like others say thing of it as something you have to do rather than chose to do.

if u need a chat hun, just pm me



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Don't want to rain on everyone's parade, but if you REALLY hate the food packs, then this is bad psychologically and you could come to hate the whole diet. You don't want to remember this as a horrible experience, but rather one that transformed your life.

If the food really revolts you, it might even be worth changing to another type of diet, which has food that you enjoy a bit more? Before anyone jumps on me, I would just like to say that if anyone offered me a miracle diet consisting of only peanuts and corned beef, I would have to say no as I detest those foods and they actually make me vomit because they are so foul! It's all very well saying to someone "oh just get on with it and swallow it quickly" etc. etc., if someone can't do that then they just can't do it. I fully understand that.

At the end of the day you must be happy and not beat yourself up. Now's the time to ask yourself some questions - can I really eat this food, do I really want to lose weight, is this the right time in my life to do this diet? Sit back and take stock - the answers might surprise you. ;)

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Whilst I agree with bits of what Jaycey says I think you really have to ask yourself if you REALLY hate all the packs or if you don't like them because they're not real food.
Nobody wants to be on this diet. We're all on it because we have weight to lose and we are impatient!
If you want to eat food and lose the weight slowly then do it... but like most of us you've probably tried that in the past.
Stick with it Nessy.. the results really are worth it.
Hmm its not easy and nothing is a miracle worker, but for me (i don't know about others) i have to either have no food at all (so this diet) or i just cheat and i KNOW how to eat sensibly but i cant stick at it. It really is all or nothing for me.
Thanks everyone for the reply's, im going to stick to this as i really dont want to fail, and yes i hate them all with a vengence, and its not because they arnt real food its because they really arnt nice, worst thing is i did SS+ for the first 2 weeks and now i detest chicken and cottage cheese just carnt stomack them at all :(. I completely agree with you Jaycey and when i ask myself those questions i can say that this diet agrees to all of them, it just means its going to take me more will power than i know to finish it.

Thanks again for all the replys ladies it means alot to know i really am not alone with this diet.

Nessy xx
What foods do you normally enjoy? Have you tried every single shake/soup/bar/mouse? Even if you only liked one then you could survive with that? I know I could easily have chocolate mint 3 times a day 7 days a week!


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Hi Nessy,
I am sorry to hear that you are finding the diet really hard...
I guess for most of us if we think about it, it is really hard as we are not doing what we usually do which is eating!
I tried the soups when I first started and really did not like them... but I love most of the shakes apart from a few and also the chocolate bars.. there must be one of them that you really like.. all the chocolate shakes are yummy..

Hope you feel better about it soon .. x

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