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IBS? any sufferers out there - need advice

Dont want to go on about (bowel habits) but have been doing sw since 11th sept and have lost 5lb so far, all going well apart from having a really upset stomach. Have been mainly eating green days with lots of pasta, which we didnt eat a lot of before. Never really suffered before with stomach could eat almost anything and probably did! has anyone else experienced the same problems. A friend said it sounded like IBS which she suffers with and she cant eat pasta or cheese, onions, probably most things ive been putting together for a meal lol
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I will succeed!!!
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My doctor is running tests on me atm because I've been poorly with a bad stomach since July. She suspects IBS, but it's not something that is diagnosed - it's what's left on the list when they check for other things. I had bloods taken last Monday and see my doc again Thursday for other tests - so we'll see.

My symptoms are:

- Really bad pains that come and go throughout the day - coffee seems to make this worse.
- Constipated for a few days, and *cough* NOT for a few (sorry TMI I know)
- Sleeping badly

If it is IBS, from what others here told me last week, different people have different trigger foods. I'm currently trying to find mine (other than coffee - s*ds law) as it's still bad even now I've cut that out (sob).

Stress can make IBS worse too. It is also said to be noticable in overweight people more - which confused me as my symptoms started once I'd lost a stack of weight (been Google-ing it).

But, like others here said, different people work differently.

If your troubles continue see your doc. My tests so far have been ok - but they're about the get more intrusive to check it's not anything to do with my baby growing gear too...yikes.

Hope you're not too poorly...I have some rotten days atm while I try different stuff.

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I suffer from IBS-type symptoms which are triggered by Food intolerences. I had a food intolerence test done a few years ago, so I know now which foods affect me. I take Dygestive Enzyme tablets (from the health shop) after eating any of these foods that I'm highly intolerent to and it stops/eases the symptoms. I would recommend getting a food intolerence test done. It certainly helped me.
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I have IBS and carbs which i love, seem to hate me! As soon as I have a jacket potato i am in agony. I understand the symptoms well! My BF thinks my bowel habits are very strange as he has no troubles!

I stick to EE so that my carbs are limited somewhat.

Hope it gets better. x
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iv suffered with horrific IBS over the years. i have some truley disgusting stories i could share, but il stick to the usual - it hurts and its hard to control. unfortunatly i never found my food trigger. it comes and goes from time to time. my dad also suffers with it. could be a stress thing but it doesnt really tally with me what mood im in.

it COULD be an intollerance, but it could also just be a bit of a shock to the system. if uv been eating mostly red days, which is alot like the atkins diet, the only carbs and fibre ur getting is from what ever veg. i would suggest introducing pasta etc into ur diet slowly, bulking it out with more veg. i personaly think cutting it out all together will inevitably leave you constipated if bulk of every meal is meat.

tyr experimenting urself with trigger foods, and if u have no joy, you can always pop to the GP, who may prescribe soemthing like, or similar to a drug called colofac, which is for IBS. plus, if youv already spent time experimenting with different foods, then this will give you more to go on with the gp. iv known so many people (including msyelf) who went , and the first thing they say is "go away and try a wheat free diet" etc.

i wish u all the best, as i know what a pain IBS can be. i hope you do find a trigger so al u have to do is cut out that food. :)
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The IBS haunts us all!!

I have been on SW diet for twelve months now - I`ve lost 6 stone and my wife has lost 5 stone :D. Both have sufferred symptoms of IBS and from what I can see, :brainfart: its connected to all diets! Most people already have the underlying problem before dieting, its the change of eating routine that brings it to the surface:massmoon:. Grit your teeth and work through it, :8855: make use of medical treatments to ease the discomfort, loose your excess weight and things will ease up when you reach the point when you move to a maintenance diet once at target.
We`ve just been to the Caribean :character00238: for two weeks and strayed off the diet - like you do! All reverted back to normal - boy what a relief :angel09:!!
Good luck!!
Oh thanks everyone :D, that is really useful advice from you all. Its nice to know im not the only one. Im having a pasta free week this week to see if it is that and then introduce it back slowly. The thing is you start to suspect really strange foods and end up with a whole list - cant think what to eat now really (lol) problem is im diabetic as well (cant win) :cry: and do need to have some carbs. It gets to the stage when u are worried to leave the house incase you need a loo. I really feel for sufferers now. Bye for now

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