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ice cream

I can't think of anything Vicky, a cold drink maybe?


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mmm just not the same as a mcflurry ;)
Oh no...... i feel a craving coming!


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sorry :( i have wanted a mcflurry since I saw the advert for the wispa one.
Oh no... wispa.... damn... down craving down!!
Vicky ur killing me woman!


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sorry love :)
Im going to whitby on saturday and am NOT having fish and chips but i will be having an ice cream. I have been so good for 2 months (not that the weight loss shows it) that im going to treat myself :D
Vicky u enjoy that ice cream woman!
u hae to just live and be happy sometimes!

I kinda had a slip up yesterday!
went to visit some frinds who had a baby girl ( i want one!)
and they made us some milky drink.. with nuts n stuff in it... was soo nice.. an di couldnt refuse as she made it specially for us ( my hubby loves it) was only a very small cup but it was MILK! anyway i didnt fret too much.. went home and had the meal i had planned to have!


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thats sounds lovely Sona. You are right you do only live once. :) a treat once in a while surely isnt that bad?
Trouble with treats is they lead you of the straight and narrow. Even now on maint I tend to be careful.
I agree, Jim. You suddenly think, whoah! 49 carbs for one tablespoonful? (just a made-up figure) of whatever you are about to eat or have just eaten. Then the guilt sets in. As we all know, THAT is the real danger time. That treat can end up costing hundreds or even thousand of extra carbs if it should trigger one or more binges.

If you are strong and calm enough around food now to be sure to not overdo it, fine. A little of what you fancy does you good. Otherwise, please watch out.


Call me Linzi...
I totally agree... I'm lucky that I'm in a good place at the moment & although I had a blip on weds I knew I had to drink to flush the carbs out of my system & it was a real wake up call as to how lousy they make me feel.

I know that before that one taste has lead to a whole heap of trouble & I've lost my way... this time I won't let that happen!


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oh no im worrying :S might not get ice cream now - might just have a little taste of someone elses. or maybe just another glass of wine instead lol

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