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  1. vodevil

    vodevil =)

    Well I was out with the bf today and with all the nice weather he wanted an ice cream so we stood with our heads in the shops freezer for about ten minutes while I checked the calories on each one and found a 'Twister'[]Walls - Products ice lolly for 85 calories and quite a few others for 100 ish so was most pleased as with the summer months here ice cream is high on my list of food wants and it was soooooo so so so nice lol ;)

    So has anyone else discoverd anything suprisingly lower in calories than you expected recently?
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  3. Iris

    Iris Full Member

    Ice cream... mmmm. Will have to give the twister a whirl, I'd stocked up on some skinny cow ice cream things - little disc of frozen dessert sandwiched between two choc biscuit type things. It's 100 cals but it's tiny and when I eat one, I want five. To hell with that!

    I saw some meringue nests when I was out shopping. Pretty large meringue and apparently only 50ish cals! I was too cowardly to buy them, though. Kept thinking 'ahh, slippery slope, you'll get that pure sugar hit and just want more.' Need to conquer that fear!

    I'm currently eating Hartley's orange sugar-free jelly to Olympian levels. 2 pints a day. But that's still only 60ish cals for two giant bowls! Really delicious with strawberries and raspberries. My sweet tooth is happy!
  4. Dramatic_Star

    Dramatic_Star Calorie Counter

    Fab's are 75(ish calories) & the Skinny Cow Triple Chocs are around 90. Both equally yummy!

    I was very suprised at how low cal some lollies are. I believe Mini Milks are very low. I used to have those when I dieted about a year ago.
  5. NumberOne

    NumberOne Full Member

    This thread is making me want ice lollies and jelly :p
    Now i know which lolly to buy instead of avoiding it completely.
    Yaay thanks girls!
  6. Solero's are under 100 too! And they feel very decadent!
    I was very happy to find out about the Twister too...was delicious!
  7. vickydink

    vickydink Determined!!

    If you get the Twister mulitpacks they are 45 each :) Bit smaller but not too much :)
    Asda at the mo 2 boxes for £3 and that includes mini milks and fabs too. Mini Milks i have at mo, they are 30cals each :)
  8. vodevil

    vodevil =)

    minimilks are yummy but they melt realllly fast so you cant take your time over it which I like to do when something is a 'treat'
  9. NumberOne

    NumberOne Full Member

    I can finish mini milks in less than a minute! Lol.

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