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Ideal Dress Size

Just wondered if anyone else out there would be happy with a 12/14. Having come from a tight 20 and now in a tight 16, I think I will be happy at a 12/14 but somehow think it should probably be a lot smaller!!!! At this size I will be able to shop at most shops and not be embarassed about picking up that size. Also, I have a large chest and think it might look odd if I was a size 8....... What does anyone else think?
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Can hug her knees :)
That's the size I'm aiming for too, maybe I'll change my mind when I get there but for mow it's my goal size xx
I'd be happy with a 14. I've never been a 14 -I think I went straight from being a child to being an 18 then went up from there!
I'm taking things in small steps and evaluating as I go but a 14 as a final goal would be good.
I would be over the moon to get into a 12-14 :)
at a size 24 at my largest, i used to DREAM of being a 14....but i'm a 10 now so i just let me body do that decision making now! lol


Winning a losing battle!
I used to say I'd be happy to stick at a 14, however, now I'm in a 14, I want to be a 12! I 'think' I'll be happy at a 12.

I have a huge chest so anything smaller than a 12 will look wrong I think as my boobs have shrunk but are still out of proportion!


Is determined to do this!

I'm aiming to be that size. Preferably closer to size 12 ;) I'm quite tall,and if I get back to training, I look ok that size. I cant even imagine what I'd look as a size 10...Hmmm...


please try again
im still in my size 28's ( thou my jeans are so big they keep fallin down, pants round ur ankles aint a good look ), would lurrrrrve to be a 12 but currently cant imagine being that
I would love love love to be a size 14, I've just dropped from an 18 to a tight size 16 and have even started buying clothes in that size as I can't imagine being a size 14.
I would love to be a size 10 but i really cant imagine it so for now i would aim to be a 12 from a 18/20! Its seems so alien to me atm tho! xx
i am aiming for a size 10..! cant imagine me any smaller..!

Depends how tall you are - I'm a size 14 at the moment and a good bmi so I'm happy with that. I have clothes in my wardrobe ranging from size 12 to 22 and they all fit so it's not realistic to pin a perception of size on clothes as they vary so much


size 8 skinnies ..yesss!
I am currently a size 12/14 ..and even when i was pregnant and put on 3stone i stayed this size in maternity clothes, before I was pregnant I was a size 10 ... my aim is to get to a comfortable size 10 in jeans and on top or even a size 8 .... which i have always dreamt of haha x x
Agree with boardwitless, height plays a role as does body frame. I seem to recall that I looked best at a 12 and friends genuinely thought I looked unwell if I lost any more pounds.
I'm aiming at a 12/14. I know from past experience that I look good at that size, any smaller & I look ill.
Pondered this one loads. Initial goal with cdc was sz14, now sz14 in most jeans depending on style, and not happy with that. I,m 5'4" though so this makes huge difference. My cdc is 5'8" and sz 14 and i think she looks skinny! Want to get to 12 all over i think, i'll see where my 'healthy bmi' will take me....... never been there before, so have no idea. xx

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