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Ideas for free lunches??? sick of soup!!!!!

A tuna salad? I'm not big on salad leaves, but if you get salad like carrots, cucumber, sweetcorn and some tuna and low fat mayo (maybe even a few pasta shells in there too) it can make for a very tasty lunch
You might need to just start getting used to the taste. It's actually not that bad once you et used to it. Or how about you have another sauce?Maybe a bit of mustard? Also sometimes the natural juices mean that no mayo/extra sauce is needed :)


Baked potato
Dinner leftovers to heat up (this is what I do most often)
Beans on toast if you've not used your HEB
Asda/co-op wholemeal pitta stuffed with salad and tuna?
Pasta salad
cous cous salad
SW quiche or tortilla made the night before - lovely cold. Do you do EE or red and green (or all of them?) All the above would be free on EE, if you used quorn, beans or chickpeas in the pasta and cous cous salad they would be fine on green. Tortilla with egg, potato and pepper and chilli fine for green or without potato and with lean bacon or ham for a red day.

They would all fill you up more. :D


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hi, have you got a mircowave at work? If you have there's a lovely quick cauliflower and veg curry, you make in about 30 mins, in this month's mag.
Oh i just had to comment when I saw that you said you hate light mayo... me too Lol, anyway after buying god knows how many different ones I Found Sainsburys extra light mayo (in pink jar) and it tastes just like full fat mayo! No kidding and its 1 syn per tbsp.


I don't like the hellmans xtra light but tesco do their own version and it's pretty good.it's called lighter than light with purple in the lable.
I make a veggie quiche thats fine for both days when you feel the need for a nibble.

in fry light i fry to soften
and whatever else i have in.

Once soft place in a oven proof tin i place the cooked ingredients somtimes followed by some defrosted cooked spinach.
Whisk up some eggs add them to the mixture and cook until the eggs arn't runnyand are cooked (set)
Basically its a veg omelette cooked in the oven and gorgeous.
In my last batch i added some chilli for a bit of ooomph
Special egg fried rice. I make too much rice the night before then pop in the fridge to use the next day! (I know you aren't supposed to reheat rice but I do it a couple of times a week and have never had a problem)
My favourite at the moment if I have access to a microwave is jacket potato with either baked beans or cottage cheese and pineapple. Both are free on Green days and EE, and they give you the chance to not make up your mind what plan you're going to following until tea/dinner time :D (depending on what you've had for breakfast)
Special egg fried rice. I make too much rice the night before then pop in the fridge to use the next day! (I know you aren't supposed to reheat rice but I do it a couple of times a week and have never had a problem)
I know I am a bit confused about this re heating rice thing. I sometimes make a chilli and rice to take to my sons if I am babysitting and reheat it when the little one is in bed. I have never had a problem either, I did read somewhere that it is ok so long as you dont re heat more than once! Perhaps someone on here could clarify this thanks.:confused:
I have always been told NEVER to reheat rice. However my dad reheats night before rice and he never gets ill - I suppose it's just how strong your immune system is. Try it once and see how it goes.
Yes I seem to be fine with it, mind I re heat to eat later on in the day! It is so much easier than having to cook it at my sons, and quicker coz by the time the little one is asleep I really am hungry.
You should be fine then. It's like all food, some people are sensitive to the natural (good) baterica in some foods, whereas other peoples' bodies (like yourself it seems) can effectively deal with them :) remember if you're body doesn't like it then it will let you know by making you feel unwell. It's like raw mince - if I ate it I would be sick, however lots of french people can eat without any ill effects because their bodies can deal with it

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