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Ideas for lunch at work


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Hi everyone

Hope you are all doing well. Can you please give me some ideas for lunches that I can take to work? I have access to a fridge, microwave, kettle and toaster at work, but have to eat at my desk!

Any ideas will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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I normally have a WW meal at work as they are yummy and cheap enough to buy in supermarkets. I love the chicken tikka and the chicken curry, and only 5 points. Also I sometimes have pasta mug pot shot thingy ma bobs lol dont know the name but their nice and not too bad in the points department either. I tend to stick to something simple sometimes a sandwich or micro meals not very adventurous im afraid but keeps you going til tea time! x


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my favourite is low fat pate on toast. :D

Very filling and not too messy to eat at your desk.


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well i had prawn sandwhich today then,crisps ww-then sugar free jelly,tommorrow i have got ww soup and 50/50 bread 2 slices xx
pitta bread are 2.5 pts. They are also delicious with the ww coronation tuna and a load of free salad.
I normally do a packed luch, 4 slices of crustless bread with egg, ham tuna or cheese in. a packet of frazzles and a low point chocolate bar.
And some fruit throughout the day
If im lucky ill buy a foot long subway for £3.99 and have half one day and half the next


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Pasta salad with some tuna/ham/chicken?
What about some 0 point vegetable home made soup with some KM 50/50 toast to dunk?
Low fat houmous on ryvita/rice cakes/celery?
Tin of WW pasta bolognese/cheesey shell things?
Egg mayo on toast/rice cakes
Huge bowl of fruit salad?
Leftovers from last nights dinner?
Chicken caesar salad (low fat dressing of course)
Jacket potato with low fat coleslaw/beans/low fat WW cheese

I could go on and on ... can't you tell I'm on CD and deprived of food!! LOL!!!


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I used to take 3 points worth of pasta with chopped onion, red peppers, tuna and a teaspoon of fat free dressing all in a sandwich box. Very filling.



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i have cous cous and chicken, u can get snack pots of cous cous at tesco. its got points on side.
veg soup and 50/50 bread, ww rolls with chicken salad in....
but always have to have a carrot and banana to snack on.
"If im lucky ill buy a foot long subway for £3.99 and have half one day and half the next "

hiya laurie - was wondering if you had any points values for subway.(Sorry- didn't know how to quote!)

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