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ideas for sweet snacks

i keep saying it but sugar free gum lol
Hi - had some lovely strawberries with a dash of cream (must buy Tip Top if you still get it!) for my last snack today and it really hit the sweet spot for me after some lush salmon and salad! My thoughts for sweet snacks during CS, other than strawberries are maybe sliced peaches with natural youghart, but fruit seems to be it for the sweet side of CS - are any of the CS bars sweet, not tried any yet?
Guys n gals - think I have cracked it!

Went to Lidl today and they have a large tub of yoghurt with chocolate shavings, it only has 4.6g of carbs per 100g, and 138 cals!

It is to die for!

It's called Yogosan Stracciatella, and it comes in a 1000g tub

Hoping this is ok, what do you think? It has less than 5g carbs per 100g, so would a 100g serving constitute a snack? I hope so, cos it is totally amazing!!!! And I don't even like yoghurt normally, but it has a lovely chocolatey taste - mmmmm!

Thanks so much for all the ideas - had sugar free gum this morning and it definitely helped.



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Hi Linzois

Sorry to burst your bubble but during the diet stage its only a dessert spoon of natural yoghurt. Then moderate carbs when on maintenance.

boooo i was all set to go to lidl there lol practically had my coat on! so basically we can have fruit or veg or fruit or veg lol
Hi - Mazza's right, it says in the booklet under Other Allowable Snack Foods : a small dob of low fat natural yoghurt or cream (1 dessert spoon) can be added to fruit such as berries occasionally. I had a little cream with strawberries last night and it was loooovely, but that's it for the week probably due to the "occasionally" word!

It's not forever thankfully, once at goal and on maintenance, you can re-introduce such lovelies as chocolate in moderation - something to look forward to!
Hee hee - well, I learnt me lesson!

The yoghurt was delicious, I totally overdosed and knocked my self out of ketosis.

Back to the drawing board - ha ha! :D

So, is sugar free jelly allowed? ;) Blimmin hope so! x:8855:

:D It was delish at the time but not worth it the day after!

Ho hum - gotta get my sweet tooth in check! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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