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If at first you dont suceed.. Try, try, TRY again!!

Hello everyone!

I'm finally taking the plunge and joining a ww meeting tomorrow morning. Ww was the first real diet I ever did when I was in uni about 7 years ago and I went to meetings and did very well and got to my lowest ever weight of 9 st 11.5 - in between I've gone up and down many times with lots of other diets but I've been between 10 st 10 and my weight now - around 11 st 6 since about May and well its getting me down so I need to make a change.

I work long hours with lots of overtime and also will be training hard as in... 85 days (eeeek) I will be attempting to climb Kilimanjaro!!

Any words of wisdom or support will gratefully be received and reciprocated where possible :)

Ideally I'd like to go to Kilimanjaro around 10 st but I know my fitness needs to take priority. One of the main reasons I've stayed this heavy I believe is that around May/June I stopped smoking so this is going to be a great help in attempting the summit also!!

It'd be great to hear your stories/goals/weight loss and time taken etc

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hey hun. im subscribing and I wish you all the luck. and stop with the fatty business coz your not x


(Will)PowerPuff Girl! X
Here to Subscribe :) Looking forward to getting to know you. X


(Will)PowerPuff Girl! X
Thanks ladies!

You too Serena! I'm sure I read you are at goal? Well done may I ask what weight or how much you lost?! Fab to be maintaining! x
My Original Weight was 11 Stone 3 Lb but I started on 9 Stone 5 Lb this year, I reached 7 Stone 9 Lb :) So I guess that means I lost 24lbs in total?!? X


(Will)PowerPuff Girl! X
Wowiee!!! Teeny Tiny! I'll never see that weight haha well done you!
Thanks Sweetie :) Im 4 11 so this is quite 'normal' for me, I wouldn't even say I look particularly thin! X


(Will)PowerPuff Girl! X
I'm only 5ft 1.3 - aiming for 10 st, I'm quite "chunky" so will never look particularly slim.. Size 10 will do me fabulously lol
I think you look fab in your profile pic, what did you weigh there? X


(Will)PowerPuff Girl! X
I was 10 st 4/5 there and I actually felt "tubby" I'd LOVE to get back there this Xmas but its a stretch, left it too late for our Xmas party but ill get as far into the 10s as possible x
Tubby :-0 No Way! You look AMAZING! Sure u will make a nice dent into those 10s :) x


(Will)PowerPuff Girl! X
I just pray I'm no more than 11 st 6! Two good weeks and I reckon I can just about sneak into the 10s if I am an angel and get back exercising!
Start polishing your halo ;-) x
You look great in that dress :) good luck ...
Best of luck lil legs. You'll feel great for Christmas. U could easily have a stone off & think how great you'll feel. I joined ww in oct last year & got to goal two weeks ago. On my 2nd baby I gained 4 stone so needed to get rid of it so when he was 6 wks old I joined ww. Took me a year to get to goal but I did leave for 3 months back in May and managed to gain 10lbs but I joined back and lost it and more. I LOVE WW. It really is a way of life and the support from my leader is fantastic and the meetings are great. :)