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If hunger isn't the problem... a last ditch diary to goal

Flippen 'eck this has just got hard. Harder rather!

I'm 9lbs from goal and returned from a week scoffing wholesome vegetarian food in Italy. The pasta was avoided, the beans were eaten (and enjoyed wtf??!!) and many a bottle of wine and champagne quaffed. There was also some heavy duty milka involvement.

So...3lbs on and time to hit SS+ for one week before beginning to go up the plans and wend my way to goal. No worries.

Except... Day 1 back on plan and just before bed the airport toblerone got me. Day 2 it is still calling me. Despite it being in a very high cupboard, amazingly it still talks. I've had 5 packs today and struggling BIGTIME. Feeling grotty with aches and pains (think its a virus) and rather spotty too. Not just because it rhymes but because of all the sodding toblerone.

So... my gremlins say screw it, you wore a bikini, eat some chocolate. try again tomorrow.

The person that's learnt something says keep going. So what's a couple of extra packs? You can do this. You do actually want/need to lose a bit more, for greater freedom and a better view in the bathtub. Only one way to do it, and that's keep going. Drink water. Rest. Keep going and get back on plan.Did I mention keep going?

I think this voice is a wee bit smarter so may I beg/ask/wail for help?

I'm starting this thread to give me a daily focus. Keep at it, don't stop. Lose the rest and find your way to maintenence the healthier way. But I think I need help. Suggestions, slaps, kicks up the arse. All welcome here. Collective CD wisdom I need your help.... :gen147:

9lbs to goal. And then maybe another 7lb - we'll see...
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Oh sweetheart you did make me laugh. Why is it always the chocolate that talks to us, you very rarely, in fact never, hear a lettuce chatting away!

Come on, head in gear, you are so almost there and then you can enjoy experimenting with all the lovely new foods as you move into maintenance.

Tis ridiculous!! 9lbs away - if I get my head down this is easy peasy! So why is head misbehaving??!!

I'm thinking it might be because....

I now get to wear purty clothes so have lost some clothes related motivation.

People keep telling me not to lose any more and one in particular keeps suggesting my face is now too thin. Crap. I know this...but easy to nod, yes you're quite right maybe I should have a yorkie bar to fatten my cheeks out.

I've gotten used to eating again and perhaps associate it with 'holiday' = fun = food = fun. Bah.

I like myself now.

I'm bored because I'm feeling grotty, spotty n poorly.

I'm a little low after returning from holiday.

The last home run is TOUGH. Deal with it!

I love your posts...so funny got me in stitches Love your SOH!

You'll sort it... Sometimes it takes a couple of false starts...

Your almost there..

Best of luck with it.
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Good morning world!

I am happy to report the toblerone is still living in the very high cupboard with all the tinned soup I never eat... I am hoping the tinned soup will rub off on the toblerone and theeby leave it intact....

The scales report I've dropped 2lb overnight (ahhh the gycogen fallaway) and of course instantly make me want to get back on track and find my way to the 10s again. I'm very aware though that the scales can say what they may. I look the same in the shower as I did yesterday. For me staying focused and looking after myself day by day is the real success. I hope I do... It feels so very nice :)

I'm thinking about the route to goal today and have been reading a few threads regarding bmi/ plans and going up the plans. I'm 11 stone today. Goal is 10.7lbs although if my body will suit it I'd rather like to sit around 10 stone if it is possible. I'm just in the nice bmi area but would rather be tother end of the scale and I'm umming over the best possible route to get there.

I'm very carb sensitive and have never registered pink on the wee sticks that many people are so fond of! I'm pretty sure when I move up the plans I won't lose much more (as a thread not so long ago mentioned).

My CDC has recommended a week of SS+ which I like, to boost my body and get rid of holiday pounds then to start moving up the plans. I hate/loathe 810 though - so bland, why bother? Hated forcing down the food, made me feel quite ill. She agrees and says after ss+ she recommends two CD meals and a 500cal meal (with the right balance of protein etc as in book).

Just wondered if any kind souls have any suggestions?

Should I be heading over to maintenence forum? Beginning to eat? Does this plan sound good or should I aim to do SS+ a little longer to get closer to the 10 stone mark? The only real benefit for me moving up the plans next week is exercise... I like hard core stuff but on SS+ don't have the cals (get dizzy at times).

Wuld love to hear from some experienced CDCs and pick their brains a little (this is such an unpleasant term, I do apologise!) x


Gone fishing
I am happy to report the toblerone is still living in the very high cupboard with all the tinned soup I never eat... I am hoping the tinned soup will rub off on the toblerone and theeby leave it intact....

I'm very carb sensitive and have never registered pink on the wee sticks that many people are so fond of! I'm pretty sure when I move up the plans I won't lose much more (as a thread not so long ago mentioned).
I never had a pink on the stix either. It could mean that we use our ketones more efficiently than other people :clap:
I hate/loathe 810 though - so bland, why bother?
Because it's safe. I bet you don't really hate it ;) Just that it disappoints? Perhaps you need to view it in a different way. Medication rather than food.

Hated forcing down the food, made me feel quite ill.
You probably wont like me saying this, but a lot of it is in the head. Spread it out over the course of the day, and remember that ketosis will give you a false sense of satiety. It wont tell you what your body needs, so you have to follow the plans instead.

She agrees and says after ss+ she recommends two CD meals and a 500cal meal (with the right balance of protein etc as in book).
Ack. That is very naughty and possibly dangerous.:mad: She would get in trouble is Cambridge knew about this. Okay, the protein is very important, but so are other things. If you are on anything under 1200cals, you must follow the plans exactly. Don't mess with them. It's not safe!

Should I be heading over to maintenence forum? Beginning to eat? Does this plan sound good or should I aim to do SS+ a little longer to get closer to the 10 stone mark?
My advice would be to do 810 until close (or at goal). Just do it. Find a way that you can do it without feeling like you are forcing it down. It's important. You want to do more exercise? Great! Either go up to something like 1200 and put in the exercise, or stick at 810 and delay too much exercise for just a little longer.

SS+ is out of the question. Make 810 work for you. You could do it without hating it if you change your mindset ;)
just to say, the plans are as such for a reason hun. The same reason why we all follow SS/SS+ 100%, the other plans need to be followed with the same respect. They have specifically been worked out to assist your weight loss journey...not to hinder it!

There is nothing wrong with splitting the 810 meal into 2 to consume in the day?

If the exercise is calling you now, then maybe 1000 or 1200 is better for you until goal. But even then, you need to make sure your having all the packs and nutrients.

If what your CDC was recommending was ok, then we'd all be doing it hun, but its not i'm afraid and goes against the CD plan!

You have got through a day with choc chatting away and you managed to tell it to shut up....so you can get through today, and tomorrow, and the next day! I have half a stone to lose to get to goal and i know it will be the hardest of them all becuase its easy to get complacent and listen to other people telling you to stop....just stick to what you have as your goal and then work up the plans properly!

Hope that helps hun and hope Italy was amazing!!!!!

(oh, and my sticks are never bright pink either so i'm liking KD's comment on this too! :D)

Oooh thank you ladies - feedback!

Loving KDs comment about the pink stix. Efficient me! :flirt2:

Interesting comments. Trying to remember 810 and see if maybe it was a mindset thing. I think I remember disliking it because of the choices, quorn pieces = eck, cottage cheese = eck, green veg options = eck

Although if I remember rightly chicken and salad is an option - which I love. I think I just got bored with it very quickly! All the bother of food prep (combined with 13 hr shifts) and couldn't really be arsed to eat it. I really, really like the milkshakes so they seemed far better!

Interestingly in my week off in Italy I had salads ever day and found myseld liking the chickpeas and beans which I've never managed to stomach before, and even some green veg! So maybe it is worth forcing myself to eat them and see if my taste buds can change? I remember someone else on the forum who struggled with 810 for the same reasons as she disliked a lot of the food choices too... wonder how she got on in the end?

I'm going to revisit my booklet and have a look at the options and then sit down and ask myself some hard questions and see what comes up....

Day 3 today. Toblerone intact and survived housemate eating box of celebrations last night with no bother - woo hoo CD head might be making an appearance (at last!).

I went to the british military fitness session last night just to see if it was worth going up the plans... and absolutely LOVED it. Met fantastic people, had a whole lot of fun and exercised my butt off under lots of pressure = happiness for me. Thought it might be my type of thing.

I did get a touch dizzy for a couple of moments so yip SS+ isn't going to work. Looks like I have to bite the bullet and move up...

A few people have commented on muscle, (particularly heart muscle) being lost if SS+ ing when under bmi 25. I thought that after a while when closer to goal some lean tissue will be lost...natural? Would love to hear anyones thoughts on this. Don't want to do owt silly...

I'm really looking forward to eating again now. The food in Italy was so wholesome and good that I know its possible for me to enjoy the good stuff. And I suspect that had I not indulged in booze and milka alongside it, I would have continued to lose weight. My belt buckle went in a notch!

I think my CDC was referring to skipping 810 and doing 1000 cal (she called it step 3) but obviously with one meal instead of two. She's been a CDC for over 10 years - wonder if its a resistance to the changes? Bit concerned as now not sure if I should trust her advice. Which is never a good thing...

I'd like to continue with the BMF classes (mood is so much better with exercise) and go up the plans but I don't want the weight loss to stop or risk losing my chance to get down another stone.

KD would you recommend 810 or 1000 for this? I know the classes are quite hardcore and average cal burning around the 640 cals an hour mark - eek!
I love jelly!! I make a trifle with a chocolate tetra mix a mousse on top!! x x
Well it all went a bit wrong...

I was almost at the end of day 4 and working a 13 hr shift at work...

And things went a bit wrong. Ward is in chaos and so hectic no breaks, not enough water (although had managed 2 litres) and upshot is got very sick, clammy and almost blacked out. Nurse pal sat me down and gave me flapjack! This worked and I got through the rest of the shift but I was pretty heartbroken that at the turning the corner point I was suddenly back to day one again...

Got horribly ill. Suspect it was a virus although I'm having a scan to check for gallstones too. Been off plan for over a week now and off work for a couple of days but went back too soon and really been struggling. Started eating junk like a human hoover.

GP advises I stay off CD for a few months to let my body 'catch up' to new weight. She's worried because I have lots going on and I'm exhausted I could get proper poorly if I'm not careful.

CDC says was probably just a bug and time to get back on plan.

Went for acupuncture which has completely resolved abdo pain and beginning to feel much better. So today I'm restarting plan and will hold off on the exercise until completely better.

Bit nervous as I find it hard with so much conflicting advice. But eating rubbish certainly won't help anything. Today I weigh 11 stone lbs and whilst I know I'm being silly I feel fat again! As though I am exactly as big as when I started. I'm assured this is water weight etc and will come off again but blimey my tummy is suddenly very wobbly.

I'm going to aim for SS+ on days off and regular shifts and do something like 810-1000 on long days as I find myself getting dizzy from the pressures at work; adding in protein and salads and then maybe quinoa or brown rice if I need more energy. I know this isn't ideal but I do still have a good whack to lose and would ideally like to be 10 stone one day if there's any chance.

I've also asked to change to regular 8 hour shifts as 13 hrs in the current conditions is completely exhausting, especially when we're not getting breaks to eat or even pee!

So... bubble baths, walks in parks, tai chi and SS+ for the next 3 days before a nasty long day at work on Tuesday. Fingers crossed...
I've just read all your posts here and I know exactly where you are coming from. An ex-nurse myself understand the 13hr shifts with no breaks and the dizzy stuff.
I'm also now 1 stone from goal, on the brink of a healthy bmi and am struggling big time....still going though.
Although I am so close to goal and only have 1stone to go, t seems further in my head than the first 4 stone.
Its really bringing my mood down at the moment and maybe I also have a bug because I've got the dizzy thing going on at the mo.
Really keen to get back into some regular aerobic exercise aswell but struggle on the diet - def. need to tone tum (overweight pregnancy's and 3 kids later!)
Unfortunatly with all my rambling, I have no words of wisdom. I am also wondering whether to up plans and exercise or just get to goal as per cd reccomends???? Hubby says get to healthy bmi first then look at how you feel, so thats my goal. It should only be a few weeks away so I'm strugling on!

I hope you find your goal and passion, when we have a plan and are commited, it's so much easier isn't it. It has to be what you really want though otherwise you will battle against yourself. Good luck!

P.S wrap the choc up or in tupperware with your weight of when you can each it eg 10st 7lbs...... That way you can have it, but in a little while ok!
You DO know exactly how I feel! So nice to speak to someone who really understands! I don't think my CDC realises quite how hard and physically and mentally exhausting my work days are...I think she thinks I'm exaggerating! Lots and lots of bugs going around. I did an interesting exercise from oe of mike's emails (icemoose) yesterday... if you haven't signed up for them I can recommend it! Helps to remind you of what helps you get to goal. For me it will ne listening to my body and paying attention It think!
i totally sympathise... i work 13 hours shifts in the NHS and I blame it a lot for my weight problem! mainly becasue it gives us eating issues. It is physically exhausting isnt it, can be lucky to get time to drink fluid never mind eat or go for wee at times!! so when we do eat it is exhausted eating which means not good choices or just throwing food down quickly so can be whatever we can grab! ive only started CD today and have done so as i have a few days off because can't imagine starting on a long day would have been a nightmare! am not looking forward to my first long day!
Hey guys, thanks for the replies...

Have already screwed up! Made a right royal rookies mistake and went out without water or a pack. Shopping, which took alot longer than expected. Was buying a pal some treats she asked for because she's having a lousy time and bam, bought a cookie. And worse, ate it.

On day 1!!! How stoopid is that? For the reasons Jayney mentioned I was hoping to be there before my long day on tuesday. Even if I manage to get back on track tomorrow, it will be day 3 on my long day. I tend to find days 3,4 and 5 the worst for losing concentration, dizziness and mental fogginess which scares the bejesus out of me when at work.

Can't believe I've been so stupid.

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