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If i finish cd.....

aw hunnie r u thinking of leaving cd? you will always be welcome here :) x
Thanks honey!! X
of course! but you're not stopping are you?
Only if I carry on feeling sick and trying to eject shakes!!!!
hmm. have you knocked the exercise on the head for a bit?
I have :) haven't done it since Thursday. I think I just got a bit too excited and did too much!!!!!!!
Might start 810ing it!!!
loubie84 said:
Don't give up Hun, shakes and soups have that effect on me :( I'm on 810 and fine it better x
What sort of things do you eat?
Well I know we are still meant to have 3 cd 'meals' on 810 but I've found the only way I can do it without being sick is 1 sachet and 1 bar then my small meal of a night time, the way I look at it is there is still vitamins and minerals in my small meal x
Don't leave us. Do 810 and see how you get on, I am having exactly the same problem at the moment but we'll be fine.
Promise....! xx
Stay positive and maybe up a plan for a couple of weeks. I think you may have overdone the excercise for the moment and caused shock to your system ( happened to me on the Dukan diet!!).
Please don't leave and take care of yourself.
Dolly x
Tara, do not leave!!!

Try SS+ even, you have probably just had a few days overdoing things & your body needs to adjust!

Guys I'm not given up, I just feel like poop. Have seriously over done the exercise. Still hurting from wed/thurs night, was starving afterwards so ate and haven't stopped since. I tried really hard and got on the scales and put on 4lbs. I'm not feeling well on it and I'm very miserable to be honest. I dont want to whinge, I'm so frustrated about trying so hard and not getting any results. I feel sickly all the time and I struggle to keep shakes down. So I eat and I struggle to keep that down too. I'd go into detail about my BM but no one wants to hear that and I dont know that anyone will be able to explain what's happening.

I'm run down, tired, feeling really crappy and confused about what doing wrong. I know I've over done it. I just dont want to loose touch with any of you lovely people if what I decide to do is try something else that will mean I can pick up my exercise without reducing myself to a wobbly sickly mess. Xx
Good to hear you're not giving up chick. You need a couple of days to sort your head (and aching body) out I reckon, then you'll be able to think straight.
Wasn't it so much easier when it was SS? Simple!
Then you chuck exercise in thinking its the right thing to do and it seems to mess it all up.
I still don't know what I'm going to do next week yet, I'm definitely doing 2 days at boot camp as I'm booked in, but I think I'm going to leave the 30 day shred for a couple of weeks until I'm 2 stone down.
I've got a night out next Saturday so need to eat some carbs leading up to it so I can handle my drink....
Anyway, whatever you decide we will support xx
Love you jess. Thank you xxx

It's nice to know it's not just me up against it. X

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