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If I had a time machine.........

I'd go back to the 80's where I was a happy.

I often think to myself, God how great would it be to go back and correct all the mistakes that I made. Not very many mistakes have been of any benefit to me and they've made me into the very self-conscious, negative person I am today.

I'd also like to go back to Egyptian times and seen Egypt in its natural beauty.
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Yep, I'd go back and make sure I never got fat in the first place!


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I'd go back and punch the midwife who told me not to be a silly drama queen and I didn't need an epidural when I was screaming obcene words at anyone who dared talk to me when I was in labour with my daughter!:whoopass::p


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My mother in law ended up shouting at her in the corridor in front of everyone else, by the time she was done the midwife had come around to our way of thinking...I've never seen someone move so fast! LOL.


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hee :D

well i would probably change a couple of things. but changing one thing might make me make different mistakes and worse ones... of course i'd want to remain skinny. i have enjoyed eating myself into oblivion though, ha. maybe i would have just taught myself portion control!!

abz xx


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Hee Hee! I had EPIDURAL written in huge red letters on my medical records from the point of pregnancy confirmation I was that obsessed about it. And, I got it as soon as it was possible to do it.

I wasn't taking no %@*t from anyone even though the midwife did think that I was over-reacting at the time. I do remember telling the old crow that I wasn't an 'Earth Mother' and was not going to be squatting, bathing or going without every drug available, if that wasn't bad enough you can imagine their faces when I said I wasn't going to be breast-feeding either (deep breath and wait for the onslaught here). Needless to say I had a fab time, but it was the start of the weight gain :(


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I would go back to the early 90's before any kiddies when I was always 9 stone 2 and never strayed from that ... until I was preggers with my daughter. I managed to only gain 1 stone throughout the pregnancy but for some strange reason I gained another 2 afterwards.
I had just about got myself back down to 10 1/2 stone and then was pregnant with twin boys where I piled the weight on!
Now Im at 14 stone 2 and wanting to get back down to 10! (Can't believe I have just typed my actual weight!!!!!)

hey ho ... we can but dream!


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