If I keep telling myself it's head hunger, surely I'll start to believe it!


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Two tips that help me :)

1. Focus on giving the hunger to someone. You may not even know someone who is poorly and needs to eat but just think of someone ie a CA patient or someone with anorexia or even a sick baby and how important it is they need to eat. Channel your thoughts to the hunger going to them. I do this a lot.

2. I don't deny the hunger because my head knew it was hungry. I was then getting into an internal battle with myself. So instead I accept the hunger, try to get to the bottom of it and just remember I don't need to act on the hunger.

However one of the things I loved about ketosis was knowing if I was hungry, it was an emotional or head hunger and not physical. If I wasn't in ketosis, I know there were times I'd have really struggled to tell the difference between the two hungers.
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Painful, isn't it? :D I get hungry a lot in ketosis, even though everyone says you're not supposed to, so I must get 'head' hunger a lot. :) Mind you, I don't get that rush of energy everyone talks about either, so maybe I'm just plain weird. :sigh:

I reckon, hun, that you need to go to bed! That should fix it for tonight. :D