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If one more person.................

If one more person decides to be a smart alec and inform me the minute I eat again I'm gonna put all the weight back on I'm gonna whack them with my flapjack!!!!
Is anyone else having this problem? I'm so sick of all these comments does everyone think we're stupid?
I feel much better now I've got that off 'my much smaller than it was 3 weeks ago' chest! Boo to them all!
Sorry for the rant guys hope ur all ok xx
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i havent had the it'll all go bk on speech but my dad said it was a fad diet that takes all ur money and would never work. I rang him a minute ago telling him i'd lost 10 1/2 lbs this week and he said really! well thats brilliant lol don't let it get you down, you'll prove people wrong :D


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Well, I'm sure you can think of a few answers :D

You could say "I will if I let it" or:

Write up a paragraph containing a load of babble, preferably with loads of long scientific terms. Learn it off by heart, then recite it.

Look at them as if you are really interested in their answer and say "Dont you agree?" :D
tell em to bug*er off, any diet out there has the potential to regain weight, its from one very scientific reason..........


now if we can get our heads around the notion above and do the refeed and watch what we eat, then we won't regain anything.

Or thats how i see it anyway!:D
i think as long as you stick to the refeed after then eat sensibly there wont be a problem there are a few on here that have lost weight and are now maintaining x

ignore them x


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Yep...I couldn't count the number of times that has been said to me.

Just smile politely and prove them wrong.

If we go back to eating the way we previously did, then like EVERY diet we will gain the weight. That is LOGICAL, but if you eat sensibly then it aint gonna happen.

Grin and bear it hun. You'll prove em wrong!!!


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I've started to reply by saying 'that's the plan!!, sure all the hollywood stars are at it.., losing loads of weight and putting it back on or vice versa. Sure Elijah Wood went to the extreme of losing 3ft for LOTR'

It shuts them up quick cos they've no come back.., then walk off very confused thinking I'm nuts.

But I don't care......... idiots!

rainbow brite

LOL Yuna!! :D

I'd agree with all of the above posts - the best possible reply to these know-nothings who think they know oh-so-much is to smile graciously and change the subject. A few weeks/months later and you'll make them eat their words simply by walking into the room. Just have faith in yourself!!! xx


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
Exactly Rainbow, prove them wrong.

Cos if you have ever tried to explain ketosis or any of the principals to them they show absolutely no interest; waste of breath. They've already their minds made up on it.


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yes of course we're going to worry about putting the weight back on we don't need negative comments.
that's why we have refeeding and maintenance programs after TFR.
just smile and ignore the sceptics that's what i do


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I have got this since day 1 - just tell them that if i eat like a bloater then obviously i will put the weight back on!! Just make out they are stupid for even suggesting it! lol


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Thats why I do ss+, so I can take something to eat at work. Only 2 people know at work. I think whatever plan you follow, at some point someone will come out with a sarcastic comment. I'm working on a good reply, it's often people who need to lose weight who say these things.



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You're right about that Maggie, I have found it is always people that need to lose weight themselves that are more negative. Probably because they know they couldn't do it!


Says it as it is!!!
Yup, and i agree with all the other posts ..what i do is just nod and sarcastically say 'will i ' and then side step pthem or walk away!
I've had people telling me that too and it's a pain in the bum! But it's true in that if you do it and lose all the weight but come off it and eat muck and rubbish then of course it'll go back on BUT this is the same case with any diet! If we all joined WW or slimming world and lost stones but got to goal and all ate like pigs we'd put it back on too!!!!
It's up to us if we keep it off, and you know what?


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Everytime someone says it to me I use it to reinforce in my mind how important it is to be good after Refeed! Just use it to your advantage. They're only saying it because so many people who lose weight do actually regain it. It says on the leaflet we get 95% of people who lose weight gain it within a year, and nearly everyone within 5 years. That's why everyone on refeed/early maintenance is so scared to eat. We just need to make sure it's not us!!!

Don't let it get to you!
That's one of the reasons I haven't told many people, I just can't be a*sed to defend myself with them! Those who know have been really supportive and only one has said to be careful I don't put it all back on like another person we know has.

Thank you to all the replies, I know I could now answer all the doubters if I need to.



Getting married July 2011
Hey Cuddlyfairy,
I just noticed you weight loss for this week, somehow I didn't see it earlier cos it was on the right! 5lb is amazing! Well done!
How are you doing it hun? How much water? How 'regular' are you? How much exercise? Are you taking senocot or dulcolax?
A big weightloss would make me so happy!!!

Oh, and you got your BMI to 35, that must make you SO happy!!!!


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