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if you dont lose the pounds dont stop!

ive done a week on atkins now and im so pleased just because for the first time in a long time im not craving all the junk food! i was a big binge eater and ive not even thought of doing it the past few days which is a miracle for me! i did have a worry when i gained 4 pounds but ive ignored that and carried on. After a week ive lost the pounds i put on and back to what i weighed this time last week. Yes i would have loved a big loss like others get but on a plus note i measured and ive lost 4 inches across my stomach which is a fab result! i think i need to drink more water but so far so good, in ketosis, not hungry and feeling good again. So for those worried about pounds lost maybe measure yourself it really keeps you motivated! have a good day everyone :D
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Thats great news! and a great attitude! :D keep it up!
thank u was so close to stopping when i saw the weight gain but figured i had to continue and give my body at least a chance to get used to it! sundays are normally my 'im bored lets eat all day' days so im so pleased to not have those thoughts going through my head all day! weird but very nice!x
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That's brilliant! I love to see a positive attitude :) keep up the good work and i'm sure next week you'll get the loss you want xxx


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Nice post bubbles. Well done :D.
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Agreed, great post bubbles
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I'm the same bubbles, been on atkins a week today and had a sneaky weigh (my weigh in day isn't until Friday) and i actually weigh 5lb more than when i started! I know it will come off, just may be slower than other people :D
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Im so glad ive read this post!!!!

I have lost a measley 1lb since starting,, had a blip friday night ( curry, chips etc) however got straight back on it, have exercised like mad this week, But TOTM decided to make an appearance. Iv'e been eating atkins bars 2, these never normally made any difference to me in the past however im thinking this time round something is definately different!!!! Im going to weigh Saturday and see ig theres any change

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i have certainly had periods when i have lost more inches than pounds, and i look better, slimer, if not actually lighter

don't give up!
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I might take my scales with me on my walk today,, and 'forget' them when i visit my friends house!!!



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ooh good luck. im afraid 'my name is vicky and im a serial weigher '
it is so hard we all become obsessed with the scales and i know i shouldn't because they can be so wrong at times! i did a bootcamp excercise thing last year and was gutted as i didnt lose a pound in 4 weeks, i kept moaning at the instructor but she said to me you have lost 12 inches thats what counts your body shape has changed why does it matter what the scales say when you look smaller and your clothes fit better! i think thats whats kept me focused this time! i did weigh in again today and 2 pound off now so the scales are being put away for at least 2 weeks! keep going everyone it really does work even if you dont think it is at first!
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Well done Bubbles, I'm the same as you put on a few pounds on the second day but now its all off again. Can't wait to start losing on Atkins though! I'm still craving sweet stuff even though I'm in ketosis though but have been good so far x


A thin person in disguise
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Hey Bubbles thank you for your post, this is exactly what I needed to read. I am on day 5 and i feel sick, fat, ugly and impatient. I have my weigh in tomorrow morning and I fear that I have gained (I can tell usually that I have gained esp around my middle area). Since I too, am an emotional eater, I am wondering if I am not following this diet right. My appetite has decreased and when I try to eat, I feel sick shortly afterwards. I think I need to snack small and often. Do you still eat even though you may not be hungry? Should I still eat or wait until I am hungry?

I don't know what to do about this as I want to keep going but fear of gaining even more weight.

Thank you so much for your post, I don't feel so alone on my journey to slimness ;-)

your welcome hun and your not alone i promise! i do eat even when im not really hungry as i dont think id eat at all otherwise! ive had days when ive not been hungry at all but i have to eat something as i do excercise as well. You may have gained a bit but as I said dont worry about it ignore it and carry on, you have to let your body adjust to the new diet and work out what its doing. I have now got in the habit of not weighing all the time and its better for me mentally as well! you will hit that stage where it just becomes easier, it wont bother you so much and you wont have the cravings or the desire to just eat and eat. Its early days for me too it just feels differant! send me a pm and il give you my personal email if u ever need a chat throughout the day or whenever xx
meant to say also dont eat for the sake of it we are trying to break that habit! listen to your body you will know when it needs more food and also are you drinking lots of water? when i dont drink enough i feel a bit sick. water is a major thing I know its boring but it makes such a differance not only to how you feel but your weight loss also!x


A thin person in disguise
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Ah ha bubbles, as I read this I necked a pint of water and the sickness feeling has gone. I think you are right because 10 days ago I was in my 2nd week of LL and for the past year my body has been put through a lot from LL to binge eating to CD bingeing at weekends, back to CD BE at wkd, then LL and now Atkins. I will give my body another week to settle down and then I can start exercising.

PS I gather PM is a personal message (sorry not down with the lingo yet lol!!!) xx

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