If you ever needed proof.....


....that people don't notice a change on a day-to-day basis, well, I got it at work today!

After being off for two weeks for Xmas, and only losing 6lbs over it, I came back to work and so many people made comments along the lines of "my god, how did you lose so much weight in the last 2 weeks??!!!!?"

I was almost stunned into silence! But managed to tell them I'd been dieting and losing for over 2 months, to which they all seemed amazed and some even apologised for not noticing before!

It was so weird.... but so very true and proves that you really don't notice a change in someone you see all the time!
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I've just made a mental note to have 2 weeks off mid-loss for a motivation boost!


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Well you look amazing not surprised people are reacting as they are :D. I'm looking forward to seeing family at the end of this journey I've made sure we haven't seen them since before I started and we won't til I'm at goal it's so exciting thinking about what they'll say before it was oh emma you have such a pretty face it's such a shame you're over weight grrrrr.



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thats great:D how to feel good after the hols and give you more :) to keep going!

I see my family in April and is one of my goals to get a comment from them:p


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Yes I used to get comments like that from my mother in law!! Just because she is skinny - old bat :(
She would always serve up chicken salad when we visited - not a big colourful one either, a couple of leaves, a couple of grapes and a slice of cucumber. I use the past tense not cos she's no longer with us but I dont bother visiting her anymore. Problem solved :):):):):)