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If you live in CUMBRIA...


Now to maintain.....
Whats happened? Sorry I havent got access to any news at the moment. x


Now to maintain.....
theres a gunman on the loose!
hes opened fire and killed at least 4 people and injured more.hes now dumped his car but the police confirm he is at large and anyone in the area to stay indoors for your own safety.

edited to say all the online new sites are obviously carry this too....major,major incident.


Now to maintain.....
me too :-( its terrible.

got sky news on and obviously facts are unconfirmed but it seems to get worse.....hope they catch him soon and really do hope everyone on here is safe and unaffected.


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Heard this report on the midday news while driving - it has happened in Whitehaven.
We were there about 18 months ago - lovely place and people - hope the police catch up with him quickly.

Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
Stay safe xxx


Now to maintain.....
they think they might have his body now.
coward for killing himself but glad its over for everyone else.
OMG thats terrible, those poor people, thoughts are with the family of those murdered and hurt. xx


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Have been watching this on the news too, thoughts and prayers are with the families of those killed, can't imagine how they must be feeling. Its absolutely shocking:cry:


Wishing and hoping!
bloody hell, they have found the gunman I believe he is dead now:eek: On the news its just announced he shoot his own mother, that must be so scary :(
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What must happen to the mind of a person who is described by his colleagues as a happy, joky and chatty bloke to provoke such a devastating event.

We can only wonder.

My thoughts and love are with all those affected,

Sue xx
It was far to close to where I live for comfort :( Such sad times for the familes of those whom have died my thought are with them and also wish speedy recoveries to those injured.

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